So here I am, staring up the street. Man, I’m getting nervous. I saw one of those things up close. I saw it. I guess with driving over here, it really didn’t hit me till I left the car. I think I really did kill them. I think I might have killed someone…or something.

I’ve always talked a big game, even under certain circumstances I would put up a nice front, make them all believe that nothing could touch me… but I have never killed anything. Never even wanted to.

I shook my head trying to get the ideas out of my head. I am 4 blocks away. Just 4 more to go. Why can’t I get my legs to move faster?

A noise startles me from behind and I clench the bat in my hand. This is it, first contact. Time to prove myself and the only way to do that is to lay the fucker down with my inadequate baseball bat. I turn around, with the bat over my head, seconds from bringing it down from over my head.

“Yo! Calm down! I’m not one of them!” The stranger yelled wearing a ski mask and placing his hands on the back of his head in supplication.

I kept the bat over my head anyway, just in case he’s infected. I have had reality flipped and turned on me today I was not looking for it to happen again. No need to get eaten alive while I try to play nice with some guy I don’t even know.

“Seriously. Not one of them,” he repeated, and I can see a nervous smile tugging on his lips.

“Alright, I believe you,” I say lowering the bat slowly as we stared at each other. I think we were the first humans the other has seen all day.

“Shit! Whoever you are, we gotta get out of here, quick,” he said grabbing my arm and pointing behind me desperately.

I look and I see the boogies shambling toward us steadily. I look and I let him pull me down this alley and through a door. The building was dark and chilled, filled with a sent that clawed up my throat like clove smoke and no matter how shallowly I breathed, I couldn’t escape the stench of death.

Almost, there’s no light and it fucking stinks in here and all I really want is to be able to grab K and get the fucking hell out of here. All I could see was the blond hair of the guy who dragged me and hear his haggard voice as he kept saying, “common, common, hurry up, watch out for the stairs.”

We kept going and going, but in the dark, the concept of time is pretty askew so I have no idea how long we were encased in the darkness, but I did see what looked like a door ahead of us. He pulled open the door and slamed it shut behind us.

We were on the roof of an apartment complex. I could see so much of the city. Normally that would be awesome… if it wasn’t for the constant fear of dying.

“You must have a death wish,” he spits out the minute the door is closed.

“What?” I pant, doubled over in an attempt to catch my breath.

“Did you see those things? You were driving down the street in a POS from the 1970’s, and every ghoul in the city was crawling out of the woodwork to get a taste of you. It looks and sounds like it’s about to explode. If I could hear you so could they… and they aren’t nearly as nice as I am.”

“I have to pick up a friend.” I said as my only defence, almost embarrassed but not really giving enough of a shit to be much of anything but tired and worried right about now.

“A friend huh?”


“How far from here?”

“’Bout 4 blocks”

“Hmm, we can pull it off,” he smirks, knocking me genially on the back.

“We?” I asked, raising an eyebrow incredulously.

“Safety in numbers, although numbers won’t get you far if you’re a dumb twat.”

“Who the fuck are you?”

“Call me T.”

He took off his ski mask and I saw one of the most pleasant surprises I could think of. It was one of the best friends and partner-in-crime I could have asked for.

“Well, T, nice to meet you again! We thought you were dead” I said with a laugh.

“Naw, not yet,” was his short response.

From there we just stood there. I think we were both a little shocked by the idea of finding another human that wasn’t one of the boogies let alone a friend we’ve known for close to ten years. I took out my cell phone and looked at my screen. 1 new message.

“Hurry up. We need to get out of here before we’re SOL.”

Leave it to her to be this ready to get out of this city. I looked a T, tall and lanky, freshly shaved head, couldn’t be much older then 20 by now and he had saved my ass. I quickly texted back, “Almost there bringing a friend.”

“Well, ready to get out of here?” I asked T, waving my cell phone in the space between us. “The Queen is getting impatient.”

“Lets do this, grab the lady and SPLIT. Now, where is she?”

I looked around and pointed at one of the buildings.

“There. On the 20th floor.”

“Now, this is going to be good.”

“Oh, you bet your ass it will be.”

T and I grinned at each other. He grabbed his backpack and a hockey stick and pointed at the next roof.

“Think you can jump that?”

“I know I can.”

“Alright, let’s get moving.”

I had to laugh and I could tell T was just as eager as I was and we sprinted across the rooftop, exhilarated, and as we jumped, I had to hold my breath… and hope all this doesn’t end with my brain splattered on the pavement.