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Peaceful Grass

New short just to keep your appetites going while we finish up 🙂

Peaceful Grass.

She was lying on the grass. She had been there for several hours that she knew of but none of that seemed to matter. All that did was the pure and unadulterated fear that was pounding throughout her body. She barely knew what she had been through but all that mattered was it was over.
It had been a typical day. Went to college, went to the store downtown and came home. When she arrived home everything seemed to be normal.

“Mom I’m home” she yelled

“Oh S my dear”

“Mom what’s wrong?”

“Its your father.”

“What’s wrong with daddy?

“He was in town and someone bit him on the arm. He has been lying in bed ever since. I have called the doctor and he is on his way over.”

Who would bite middle aged man? That was defiantly not normal behavior by any sense of the word. S knew that many diseases would spread by a human biting one another.

“Dad must be crazy to react like that. He acts the same way when he has a cold,” she told her mom

“I don’t know dear. His eyes look bad”

His eye? She decided to go upstairs and see her father. As she climbed that stairs the idea popped into her head of all those bad corny horror movies she watched as a teenager. She laughed off the possibilities of Jason attacking from around the corner and walked into his bedroom.


“Oh S hi how was class” he responded breathily

This was not the father she had known her entire 23 years of life. He was always a superman to her and now he was lying in the bed. She could see soars developing all over his arms and face. Each breath seemed to be a massive struggle. Then he looked at her with a sad grin on his face and she saw the eyes her mom was speaking of. His eyes had begun to glass over.

“Daddy” she yelled to no response

She ran down the stairs to tell her mother and her mother wept into her body. All S could do was hold her and tell her everything would be okay and that he was in a better place. A place with his father and mother and brothers. She picked up the phone to call the doctors office.

“Doctor Brown. This is S my mother called earlier about my father who was bit.”

“Oh yes” he said grimily

“What do you mean oh yes?” S said suspiciously

“I am guessing you called to tell me he has passed”

“How did you know?”

“It’s happening all over the city. Just watch the news” he responded


“I will restate watch the news. We will send people to collect his body shortly”
That was odd she thought as he hung up the phone. Her mom had gone upstairs to say her last goodbye to the husband she adored. S has sat on a chair and turned on the news. She wondered what the doctor had been speaking of.

“Today there has been a rush of people being bit. As first most authorities had thought it was nothing until it seemed the corpses had begun to reanimate. The Government is implores us to stay away from any bodies we may see and stay indoors. More will be told as we learn.”

S turned to run up the stairs when she had already heard her mother scream a scream that would have been envied by any metal band in the world. She rushed up the stairs to see the father she had though of as superman feast upon her mother. Slow twitches from her mom’s corpse seemed to be all the news she needed to know she was beyond help. His head suddenly shot up at the sight of what was once his daughter.

“Oh shit” was all that could come out of her mouth

She ran but her father was quickly behind her. She ran into the den of her house and slammed the door behind her and locked it.

“What’s happening here?” she kept asking herself

She was snapped quickly back into reality as she heard a screeching behind the door and clawing at the wood door. She backed up and heard the TV issuing a new statement

“Please stay away from any corpse or any person who may have come into contact with one. This disease is highly contagious and one bite could turn you. If needed a gunshot to the head can kill these creatures. The government will be doing a official statement tonight”

A gunshot? This will be extremely difficult that was her mom and dad. Then devils advocate came into her head. It was her or them, they are no longer her parents. They are creatures threating her life. She went to the gun cabinet and remembered what her father had taught her. She walked towards the door and opened it quickly and when what was formally her father charged she shot one bullet right threw the center of his forehead as dropped to the ground.

“I am sorry dad.” She said between sobs

She walked up the stairs and saw the twitching body of her mother. She wiped her eyes as she saw the blood stained sheets. This is the most horrid experience of any person’s life. Killing her parents was an unthinkable act.

“They are no longer my parents.” She yelled as she looked at the sorry state of her mom

“I am so sorry mom.” She yelled

The blast in her mothers head was right on the mark and the twitching had stopped. She left the house and fell onto the grass several feet away and began to weep. How could this have happen? She may never know that answer.

Best friend.

New short brought to you buy Tiffy once again 🙂

I walked down the road of this unknown territory.
I was somewhere in the middle of the fucking desert. But, Where? No clue.
There were no maps to follow, GPS to read, or even people to give directions.
The world was barren, and like myself….quite alone.

I wasn’t always alone, Even after this…catastrophe happened i still had my best friend.
Sure, we were often Hungry, cold, and tired. We would travel for days until we found food or shelter.
We would rarely find other humans, and when we did…they weren’t they type of people you want to run in to.
We called them Snakes. At first, they approach you with a friendly smile, and greet you. Offer to trade, to where…they would always get the better of the deal. It was like…trading your only gun for a fucking pencil. But…we would politely decline, wish them a good day and be on our way. Until they surrounded us, and pointed any sort of weapon that they had at us, demanding that we now GIVE them what they wanted. Which was everything we had, except for the clothes on our back.
So, we usually traveled where we thought they wouldn’t be.
Thought, being the key word.

I came upon a small cottage and knocked on the door to see if anyone was home. Even if this was an apocalypse; my mother did teach me respect. I wasn’t about to just barge into someone’s house. I wasn’t a snake.
There was no response, so i opened the door. I Pulled a small knife out of my pocket and searched for a light source.
In the kitchen, i came upon a small oil lantern. There wasn’t much fuel in it, but i thought it might at least keep a room lit through the night. Next to the lantern was a box of those long matches. only 4 lay inside. I would take them with me, of course.

T, my best friend, and i never had much luck when it came to starting fires. We would get a small spark, or some smoke and it would fade away. Once, we did start a small fire. Just as we were about to place it upon the wood pile, a gust of wind picked up…blowing it out, and the pile of sticks far away from us. We huddled up together and slept under a pile of leaves that night. We Still froze our asses off.

I walked around the house and found a small room with a bed, and an easy chair inside. I set my backpack down on the bed, and the lantern and matches on a small table next to the bed. I walked back into the kitchen and began to open cabinets, the fridge, drawers. Anywhere where they could have stored food. I Began to lose hope. Again, i would go to sleep hungry. Though, this wasn’t anything new. I Hadn’t eaten in days. Maybe weeks? I’m not sure. I’ve lost track of time.

I remember the last time that i had food. T and I had come across a gas station in the middle of nowhere. one of those places, where even in the apocalypse looked sketchy.
But, we ventured inside anyways. The shelves were bare. the back was bare.
Just as i was about to say that we should get out of there, T screamed with Glee.
I walked over to her and she pulled out a small pack of crackers a lighter with a little fluid in it, a pack of smokes with a few cigs left inside, and one of those ramen noodles soup cups. Beef.
We decided to hold on to the food until we found a safer place to hide out. A place where we could try and make fire. With a lighter, we were hoping it would be much easier than before.
While the food was going to be Marvelous, and would probably taste like food of the gods to us….I was more excited for the cigarettes.

Before the Apocalypse i was a big chain smoker, which i believe was partially due to the addiction of the nicotine, and partially because i was stressed more than the average person. T always told me to Keep calm, and to slow down. To not take on so much. Not to work so hard. I told her that would happen when i retired. I wanted to make something of myself, and i wanted it NOW. I was willing to work 10 times as much as anyone else just to get ahead. Which caused me to stress more, lose more sleep, and of course smoke a lot.
After walking for a few miles, we came upon what looked to be a small general store. The windows were busted out, and the door was broken. But, it was better than the gas station was. We could probably find something inside to board up the windows and the door with, or find another room inside with a working door. She pulled out a small pocket knife and walked inside, i followed behind.
She opened the door of a small office and we walked inside. Papers, wood…clutter everywhere. But, it was a shelter and it would do.

We both sat down on the floor after cleaning a bit of the mess up, and smiled at each other.
While it may be the end of the world, we still had each other. That was worth the entire world to me, and i believe she felt the same. I took off my backpack, reached in and grabbed the items that we had found earlier, as well as a half filled water bottle. She grabbed the bottle, and the ramen and poured some of the water inside.

“it’ll be a bit before it soaks up. Not like taking it straight out of the microwave.” She said.

“I figured. but we-” I was soon interrupted by the loud grumbling noise of her stomach.

“Heh. Sorry.” she said, slightly embarrassed at the loud noise that came from her tiny body.

“It’s fine, love. My tummy does the same thing. you’re hungry. It’s natural.” i smiled.

“we don’t have a fork or anything to eat this with.” She frowned.

“Table manners aren’t the most important thing right now,” i laughed, “Just drink from it. Noodles and all”

She Set the ramen down on the floor, got up and began picking up some of the clutter. I knew she was a bit iffy about sharing food that way. She always was. Always would be.

“I’ll make a deal with you.” i said.

She looked over at me, but said nothing.

“I’ll trade you the entire noodle cup, if you give me those smokes” i offered.

She raised a brow and looked at me, “you’re the only one that smokes…what am u supposed-”

I cut her off, “You hate that i smoked. I’m pretty sure you prefer the apocalypse because cigarettes are so rare to come by, and therefore…i don’t smoke” I smirked.

She stuck her tongue out at me.

I continued, “So, i will trade you the cup of noodles in return for you….allowing me to smoke.”

She laughed, “allow? you can do-”

I think it was at that point that she caught on. I was always the type of person to…Spoil her, i guess you would call it. Of course i would give her the majority of the food when she was obviously quite hungry. I Didn’t care if it was a survival situation. If i could do something to help her, i would. I always would.

“But, R…” She sighed.

“you know me. You know i won’t let up on this.” i smiled at her, “I’m a defiant little shit.”

“Fine,” she said. “but, you’re eating the crackers.”

I nodded my head, agreeing with her. I reached over and grabbed the crackers. I Snagged two out of the pack, and put the rest in the bag while T was looking away. I would save them for later. We may need them.

After she was content with her “cleaning”, she sat down to her noodles and ate. I reached into the bag and grabbed out of the cigarettes, lighting it.

I continued looking through the kitchen for something to eat. Finally, i opened a cabinet, and there stood a box of cereal. I smiled, and grabbed it down from the shelf. It felt about half full. Holding the box, i went back into the room, closed the door and sat down. I reached into the bag to make room for the box, and felt something on the bottom. I grabbed it out. A lighter, and the Box of smokes.. I sighed, and set them on my lap, putting the bag back onto the bed. I opened the box to see a cigarette inside, and a napkin which had writing on it. I brought the Cigarette to my lips, and lit it. Inhaling deeply. I grabbed the napkin, and opened it. It simply read: You’re my Best friend. I Love you. Happy bir-
The ink from whatever pen she was using seemed to have ran out at that point. I Smiled. My birthday was a few days ago. I can’t believe she…No. I can believe she would remember something as simple as that. We only have simple things to celebrate now. Well….Had.

I Miss her. She was the greatest person i’ve ever known. A person i was Proud to call my best friend.
She was a person that i was more myself around than anyone else. She was someone who made my Darkest days bright. She made me feel like i was a kid again, going to disneyland for the first time and seeing the castle. She was, and is my disneyland.

I know that all sounds Highly cliche’. but, i’ve never been able to Express my feelings that way. Even my thoughts are a giant Jumble of words. If i ever wanted to Express more Complex feelings about something. i would have to Show it. I would have to Love Out Loud.

Tonight, i pray that the Snakes, or the zombies bust in here and finally take me home. I’ll be with her, and with my family once again.

“You’re my best friend. I Love you, too, T. Always.” I Whispered.

(Sept. 15th is the first official Love Out Loud day, created by Piperlyne Tomczyk.
Today, Show your love to your friends, family, animals, the earth, strangers, and so on.
“When people move, act, speak or give love their world is changed, THE world is changed” – Piperlyne )

(September, For LOL day, i decided to write this little entry for B4TD which i dedicate to my best friend. Being that i can’t hop into my nonexistent car, with my nonexistent License and travel to where she is to be with her today, i wrote this. I hope she knows how much i love, and appreciate her friendship. She has gotten me through some of the worst times in life, and has often been a part of the best times. Tay, I love you So freaking much that it cannot be put into words. I Would have to create a new word just to express it. heart