I already knew that this was a stupid decision when I decided to plop my ass down on the concrete using an old VW Bus to shield me. I just needed to think. Whatever that boogie was, well, it’s just not good. My bat is clutched in one hand and I can feel how tight I am holding onto it. Leaving the house was really not a good idea at all, was it?

I reached into my pocket and pulled out another cigarette. Taking the first drag was just a small inhalation of normalcy and heaven wrapped in a toxic package. I loved every second of it.

Looking around before I stood up I looked inside the car. I really needed some fucking luck, and for once I really think god may exist, because when I looked into the window of the bus, there were keys in the ignition.

I swear, I must of looked as giddy as a school girl. I reached for the handle and what a surprise… the door was actually locked. Who the hell locks their keys in their car?

“Most likely the type of person who leaves their keys in their car to begin with.” I say out loud to no one in particular.

I felt like a spy, trying to be as inconspicuous as possible, checking every car door to see if any of them were open.

I looked up at the sky and thought that god must be a real big practical joker to be playing this sort of game with me. I grabbed my baseball bat and looked at the windows.

This is when I had to weigh my options completely. The boogies could be around, and anyone could and would hear the sound of glass breaking. I look at the ground; this is not an easy choice.

Fuck it, it’s either break the glass, walk/run, or die. I swung my bat with everything I had and just smashed the drivers side window. Awesome. I reach in and unlock the door and, man, I heard a lot of those groans coming from everywhere.

I slammed the door behind me and turn the keys, oh thank god there is still gas in the damn thing, I look in front of me and, oh fuck, there are a lot of those things, I look behind me and, of course there are yet more, and I refuse to look to the sides because that would just make me even more nervous. I put the bus into drive and peel out of the space as fast as the old hunker can go. There is a crunching, grinding, screeching sound coming from under the tires as I just plough through the hoard trying to grab at me through the broken window and I cant even dredge up the tiniest bit of pity for those damned creatures. It was either me or them….right?

I speed out as fast as this boat of a car can go. I feel the breeze hit my face and it feels nice, I feel the glass stab into my ass and back — not so nice. Either way, I am driving down the streets now and I see these creatures everywhere. They are shuffling around and moaning and screaming. This is the strangest thing I’ve ever seen. Where are the people? Are they all… like these things?

I am driving down the street and I pull out my phone, I need to let K know we have a ride now. Heh, I think she is going to yell at me. Although, drastic times call for desperate measures.

“K. I got us a ride. Be ready! We are getting the fuck out of here!”

I hope she gets it and is actually on time for once. I look back up at the road and I feel the car slam into something. Or was it someone? I don’t think I can consider it a person anymore.

It’s lying on the hood of the car and the eyes are glassed over like a drunk or someone who has one to many concussions. It’s still fucking moving like nothing happened. I speed up now, hoping to get it the hell off the car and it eventually falls off but it was looking at me like I look at a cheeseburger.

K’s place isn’t to far off. I stop the car. If these things are everywhere (like they seem), I need to get out of the car instead of lead a huge swarm back to K’s apartment. K and I can ninja our way back here. We can’t really hide a car pulling up and honking the horn like I used to do when she lived with her parents.

I pull the car over and grab my backpack, bat, and unlike the original owner of my new ride, I grabbed the keys. I open the car door and look ahead. 4 blocks. I am sure I can make it 4 blocks. I made it this far right?