Ever since i was a little girl, my father would tell me that i was destined for greatness. That one day i would hold the fate of the world in my hands, and i would be a savior. I Never believed him, and i still don’t, Though, i do appreciate how much he thought of me. I was the light of his life, his reason for waking in the morning. Ever since my mother died while giving birth to me, that’s what i became to him.

I think the first time he taught me how to fire a gun was when i took my first steps. Well, maybe not that early, but i was young.

We lived out in the middle of B.F.E. A cabin in some dense woods. We would rarely go in to town. Maybe once a month or so to pick up milk and whatnot. For the most part, we killed what we ate.

My father and i used to hunt together all the time, but he was getting older, and i wanted to take over. Besides, We could never really talk while waiting for game, so i preferred to do it alone. Well, for the Most part. We did have sydney.

Dad had found him caught in a trap when i was around 17 or so. He took him home, and we nursed him back to health. He’s been by my side ever since. My best friend for the past 5 years. Well, really my only friend, except for my father. I never really had much interaction with other people. I felt uncomfortable around them mostly. Animals, i loved and respected.

Yes, yes. I know i kill animals. Humans need food to survive, and we didn’t have much money to just go to the store and purchase processed meat.

We didn’t have a television, or a computer, and rarely listened to the radio. Usually my father just turned it on for the news, but when he went out i would often listen to Music. Older music. New music is nothing but shit. Sure, catchy lyrics, but they have no meaning behind them. Why even write the music if there’s no emotion in it? Why do anything if your don’t put any emotion towards it.?

But, my father and i always passed the time talking, hunting, and playing with Sydney. We never ran out of things to talk about. Be it discussing what we had heard on the news that night, hunting techniques, and even my own personal Problems. Since i never had a mother, it was my fathers burden to teach me about being a woman, and to deal with my mood swings that come once a month.

I remember the morning that this…apocalypse happened like it was yesterday. It will haunt my memory forever.

I was feeling pretty lousy that day. My father believed that the stew i had eaten had gone bad, so i had some sort of food poisoning. He gave me some water and told me to go lay down for a while, that he would go out hunting today, and bring along sydney. I Protested, of course. I was a big girl…feeling lousy shouldn’t stop me from feeding my family. But, my father was a very convincing man, so i ended up going back to bed.

I Must have slept for a few hours, but it felt like minutes. I awoke to my father opening the door and yelling for me, soon followed by sydney running into my room and yanking the covers off of me. I got up and followed my pup out to the living room. I stopped and starred at my father.

“Oh my god, Pop! are you okay?” i asked.

“Yes, yes. fine. I just need you to get the first aid kit and play doctor.” He smiled at me, but i could tell he was in pain.

I rushed in to the bathroom and grabbed what i needed. I told him to sit on the couch while i took a look at the damage this….animal had done. I stared at this wound for at least a few minutes. This wasn’t a bear, a deer, or any sort of animal i had seen before.

“Pops, This…It doesn’t look…..What happened?” i said, struggling to find the words.

“I’m not really sure.” He said.

“Just walk me through it.” I pressed a cloth drenched in peroxide to this arm, and he winced.

“I Had found a deer, Hidden between the trees. So, i called him towards me. He slowly made his way over, and i raised the rifle to take a shot. Before i could even aim, something tackled me. As weird as it sounds, It looked and felt human.”

“Human?” Finally those bite marks made sense to me. But, a human….Why?

“Yeah,” He said. ” Before i could do anything he sunk his teeth into me, and began tearing at it. Like, a cannibal or something. But, good ol’ Sydney Pushed him off of me, and distracted him long enough for me to get a shot off”

My dad reached his good arm down, and gave sydney a pat on the head. Sydney gave a small smile, before cocking his head again. Concerned for Pop. I swear, he understands us.

“Did you go see what his problem was after you-?” I Stopped when my father interrupted.

“It was a head shot, hun. Nothing left to go ask. Didn’t stay around to find out, either.”

I Nodded and Grabbed the bandage wrap from the kit.

“Lift your arm, please, pop.” i said.

He lifted his arm, and i wrapped the bandage around.

“you should be okay, now. Need me to get you a pain pill?” I questioned.

“No, Hunny. You go back and rest. I’m going to relax for a little bit, and then at least go try and get a couple rabbits.”

“Pop, if anything you need to rest more than me. Besides, i’m feeling better.” I still felt like utter shit, but obviously less than he was feeling.

“No,” He smiled and stood up. He wrapped his arms around me and gave me a big hug. “I’m fine right now. Go get some sleep, tomorrow you’ll be back on the hunt again. I’l go alone, Bring sydney in the room with you.”

“but, pops-“i protested.

“You would kill me if i let anything happen to him,” He smiled. “Besides, i think that’s the last of the crazy humans i’ll be seeing, and rabbits aren’t really known for attacking people.” He laughed, and released the hug, looking at me.

“Now, get to bed. the both of you.” he turned me around and pushed me towards the bedroom.

I Sighed, obeying what he had said and walked to the bedroom, with sydney following behind me. I wasn’t too happy about it, but i knew he wouldn’t drop it. I walked in, closed the door behind me and laid on the bed. Sydney hopped up and cuddled in to me. I Smiled, and wrapped my arms around him, and soon fell asleep.

I Woke, later, to Sydney licking my face.

“down, boy. Yes, yes. i love you, too” I Laughed and pushed him away. I looked out the window and noticed it was much darker than before, it must have been near sunset.

“We were out for a while, huh, buddy?”, he barked and walked over to the door. Poor pup must have been in here all day desperately needing a bathroom. I opened the door and walked out to the front yard, letting sydney do his Business. When he finished, he ran back over to me, wagging his tail.

We both walked back inside, not seeing pops anywhere.

“He should be back by now,” I said more to myself than anyone.

I glanced over the house, and saw that his door was closed. I figured he must have laid down for a nap after everything. So, I figured i may as well cook him dinner before i woke him up.

I walked over to the fridge and opened it. I Noticed 3 new plates of meat. Rabbit meat. I Smiled, i knew exactly what i was going to make him. His favorite thing in the whole world. I can’t give you the whole recipe, since it is a family secret. But, it involves some secret seasoning, and it’s probably the best thing anyone could ever eat.

After a good hour of cooking, i set the table and plated our meals. Instead of yelling for him to come eat dinner, as usual, i decided to go wake him myself. He did have a pretty hard day after all. I walked over and creaked the door open.

“Pops? I Made some dinner. Your favorite.” I Smiled.

I Heard some low groans from the room. He always groaned when someone woke him up…but this sounded deeper.

” Pops?” I stepped in to the room.

The groan sounded much louder, and i saw a figure lunge towards me. I Jumped out of the way and backed into the living room.

“Pops, Stop fucking with me. It’s not funny.” i backed up a bit farther, as sydney stood in front of me, Growling. I Don’t think i’ve ever heard him growl before. He was always a very quiet dog.

Suddenly we saw a figure appear in the doorway. It slowly inched towards us, and the sunlight hit his face. My eyes widened. His eyes were pitch black, and his skin looked like it was falling off of him. He was very pale, with a light gray complexion with hints of blue. He looked….Dead. He lunged after me again and i dodged it, running to the other side of the room. He turned and looked at me. His stare looked blank, and yet not at the same time. It was like he was seeing into my very soul.

“P-Pops?” Tears welled in my eyes, as once again he lunged at me, this time knocking me to the ground. He seemed rabid, and kept trying to bite into me. I Held his face away, and sydney soon tackled him, knocking him off. He groaned, and sydney growled back. This man wasn’t my father anymore. but, what was he? Why was he trying to….eat me?

I ran over to the couch and grabbed our rifle, making sure it was loaded before i pointed it at him. I was crying much harder now.

“Dad! If this is a joke, fucking stop it now! Please! I will shoot!” i shouted, tears streaming down my face.

Once again, he sprinted after me, and i fired. He fell to the ground. I fell to my knees and started bawling uncontrollably. Sydney walked over to me, and i put my arms around him, burying my face into his fur. This couldn’t be happening.