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Day 1: Great Escape

It felt like we where super heroes. Jumping from rooftop to rooftop. It took longer then we thought but man all those impact landings REALLY hurt after a while. No wonder super heroes don’t live to be old. When we got to her roof we ran through the door and as quick as we could down the stairs.

That alone could of hurt us. She was on the 20th of 25 floors. The stair cases didn’t connect. The 25th floor seemed to have a few stragglers. I had my bat, T his hockey stick. We both just stood there for a second.

“You know how to use that thing?” I said

“Do you?” he retorted with.

We charged toward the few there and swung our respective weapons. The boogies fell but didn’t stop moving. We heard one coming from behind us and I swung at the head and it cracked like and egg and dropped to the ground. T looked at me as I stood there staring as it stopped moving.

“We didn’t learn this in school, huh?” he smirked like always.

We charged back down the hall way to the next stair case. I saw K’s old neighbour and she charged me and I pushed her towards the wall out of our way.

“Just go ahead, man. I’ll take care of her. Go get mom.” T said so I charged back down the stairs and up to her door. We had made it. Like officially, I pounded on the door for just a few moments. At least I did in my head. I very well could have sounded like a nutcase drunk. From the look K gave me when the door was finally open that’s the look she gave me as well. I smiled the minute I saw her, she smiled to.

“Your late.” she said.

“Fuck you.” I said laughing

I turned my head and saw T making his way up the stairs. I waved to him and he smiled and started walking over. His hockey stick was bloody. I think he dropped the neighbour. When we came barging our way up the stairs she heard and charged I pushed her off and he told me to head up here he would follow. Took him a while. Maybe too long, if this was 24 hours ago.

We both made our way into her apartment and her jaw dropped.

“T!” she grabbed him into a hug

“Hi Mom” hugging her back and smiled

We’d all be friends for years. T just always had a habit of disappearing then showing back up on our doorsteps eventually and we would always pick back up wherever we left off. He seemed to see us as his wayward parents. Leave and come back and he always had a home with either one of us.

“T” I said and nodded towards the door


He had closed the door and I walked into the kitchen and started pulling on the fridge. T came over and quickly helped as we started to drag the giant metal coffin towards the door and dropped it in front of the doorway.

“Wait! What the fuck are you doing?!” K shrieked at us, hands planted firmly on her hips

“You didn’t see what we did” I stated firmly

“Mom, its bad.”

“How bad?”

“We came from the roof.” I laughed a bit as I said that.

T laughed as well. It was a fun ride. She just glared at us.

“Well, how do you think we’ll get out?! You blocked the door!”

We pointed at the window and she looked at us.

“Well, that could work.” she laughed a little

“Got a weapon K?” I ask concerned

“Umm I should,” she went to her closet, puttering about for a bit.

“It has to be strong, headshots work wonders,” T added

I go to her closet, she is tearing it apart and I figure she has nothing, me and T could surround her till we get to the car. Then she pulled out her first of so many surprises. She pulled out a sword. Not one of those cheap novelties you can find in the mall but a real fucking samurai sword!

“I bought it years ago. Wanted to learn how, but after a few lessons, I got bored.” She shrugged and put the strap over her shoulder.

T just stared for a moment and shook his head muttering about how she has a sword as I handed her backpack on the floor. She smiled at us I could tell she was happy and surprised we both got there. And I knew she would never say thank you either but it was just understood. She was looking around her apartment.

“Ready to go, K?” I ask

“Ready as I’ll ever be,” she responded.

T had opened up the window and had a cigarette in his mouth already while sitting on the fire escape.

“Hurry up before we get eaten!” he said

“Coming” K and I both said.

We walked towards the window and I held her bag while she crawled through. I looked at her door and heard noises coming from the other end. Seems like her other neighbors may have heard us and well may have learned how to use the door now.

“T, we’re coming down, be careful!” I look at him.

“Got it, lets go!”

I crawled out the window, ready to bolt down the escape. This adventure is getting a lot bigger then I thought it would.

Day 1: Pesky Neighbors Redux

I couldn’t fucking believe my eyes when I turned on the news this morning. There was Brenda Artwin (the plaster-faced anchor on channel 5 every day since dinosaurs roamed the earth), looking desperately confused as she read poorly from the teleprompter as though she couldn’t believe what she was being asked to say. I couldn’t either.

Despite numerous essays turned in during nursing school regarding the wide-spread possibilities of a vector born illness (infections caused by transmission with other infected’s bodily fluids – like the way mosquitoes spread West Nile Virus), I never thought I would live to see the day when fucking zombies were crawling all over the major cities in the world. I didn’t even think before I grabbed the phone and called my best friend.

Somewhere in the back of my mind, I knew that B was impulsive and prone to self-sacrifice, but for him to be wandering around the city while fucking zombies ate everyone in sight made me vaguely uncomfortable… so I did the only thing I could think of. I texted him constantly, hoping each time I hit send that I would get a response just one more time.

Rationally, I knew that I should get in my car and drive to get him instead of making him walk all the way here, I just couldn’t bring myself to face the famished hoard that could strip the flesh from my bones faster than you can say ‘fuck’. Rationally, I knew that I should probably be doing something other than packing a bag and waiting impatiently by the door for the knock that would mean my best friend in the whole world was still alive. But, at this juncture, I really wasn’t too rational.

So, an hour after getting off the phone with B, when someone banged loudly on the door, I rushed to look through the peep hole as fast as I could get my legs to move. It wasn’t B.

It was my elderly neighbour, Mrs. Clark, looking uncommonly harried and… bloodstained. I nearly fell over trying to get away from the door, scrambling towards the hiding place behind the couch without even having to tell my body to do so. It was the most frightening experience I have ever lived through until that point. She just kept knocking herself against my door as though she could smell me on the other side and just couldn’t understand why the door wouldn’t magically disappear and allow her entrance. I couldn’t feel my body, but somehow during the trip behind the couch, I had grabbed a meat cleaver and was clutching it so tightly that my knuckles turned white. Atleast I might take a piece of poor Mrs. Clark with me when she finally succeeds in banging down my door.

And that’s when it stopped. The noise, my breath, my heart, the growling I could faintly hear through the tiny crack under my front door. Everything just stopped. And I knew that if I didn’t get out from behind my couch and find out with the fucking hell was going on, that I could never live with myself. So I got up, moved almost silently to the door and looked out the peep hole.

Mrs. Clark was ambling down the stairs and out into the parking lot, her bloody hands leaving a gory trail behind her. I shuddered.

Clang Smash Thud Scrape BANG BANG BANG

Someone had just vaulted up the stairs at an alarming speed and was knocking furiously at my door. I sighed in relief… B was finally here.

Day 1: Reunion Of Sorts

So here I am, staring up the street. Man, I’m getting nervous. I saw one of those things up close. I saw it. I guess with driving over here, it really didn’t hit me till I left the car. I think I really did kill them. I think I might have killed someone…or something.

I’ve always talked a big game, even under certain circumstances I would put up a nice front, make them all believe that nothing could touch me… but I have never killed anything. Never even wanted to.

I shook my head trying to get the ideas out of my head. I am 4 blocks away. Just 4 more to go. Why can’t I get my legs to move faster?

A noise startles me from behind and I clench the bat in my hand. This is it, first contact. Time to prove myself and the only way to do that is to lay the fucker down with my inadequate baseball bat. I turn around, with the bat over my head, seconds from bringing it down from over my head.

“Yo! Calm down! I’m not one of them!” The stranger yelled wearing a ski mask and placing his hands on the back of his head in supplication.

I kept the bat over my head anyway, just in case he’s infected. I have had reality flipped and turned on me today I was not looking for it to happen again. No need to get eaten alive while I try to play nice with some guy I don’t even know.

“Seriously. Not one of them,” he repeated, and I can see a nervous smile tugging on his lips.

“Alright, I believe you,” I say lowering the bat slowly as we stared at each other. I think we were the first humans the other has seen all day.

“Shit! Whoever you are, we gotta get out of here, quick,” he said grabbing my arm and pointing behind me desperately.

I look and I see the boogies shambling toward us steadily. I look and I let him pull me down this alley and through a door. The building was dark and chilled, filled with a sent that clawed up my throat like clove smoke and no matter how shallowly I breathed, I couldn’t escape the stench of death.

Almost, there’s no light and it fucking stinks in here and all I really want is to be able to grab K and get the fucking hell out of here. All I could see was the blond hair of the guy who dragged me and hear his haggard voice as he kept saying, “common, common, hurry up, watch out for the stairs.”

We kept going and going, but in the dark, the concept of time is pretty askew so I have no idea how long we were encased in the darkness, but I did see what looked like a door ahead of us. He pulled open the door and slamed it shut behind us.

We were on the roof of an apartment complex. I could see so much of the city. Normally that would be awesome… if it wasn’t for the constant fear of dying.

“You must have a death wish,” he spits out the minute the door is closed.

“What?” I pant, doubled over in an attempt to catch my breath.

“Did you see those things? You were driving down the street in a POS from the 1970’s, and every ghoul in the city was crawling out of the woodwork to get a taste of you. It looks and sounds like it’s about to explode. If I could hear you so could they… and they aren’t nearly as nice as I am.”

“I have to pick up a friend.” I said as my only defence, almost embarrassed but not really giving enough of a shit to be much of anything but tired and worried right about now.

“A friend huh?”


“How far from here?”

“’Bout 4 blocks”

“Hmm, we can pull it off,” he smirks, knocking me genially on the back.

“We?” I asked, raising an eyebrow incredulously.

“Safety in numbers, although numbers won’t get you far if you’re a dumb twat.”

“Who the fuck are you?”

“Call me T.”

He took off his ski mask and I saw one of the most pleasant surprises I could think of. It was one of the best friends and partner-in-crime I could have asked for.

“Well, T, nice to meet you again! We thought you were dead” I said with a laugh.

“Naw, not yet,” was his short response.

From there we just stood there. I think we were both a little shocked by the idea of finding another human that wasn’t one of the boogies let alone a friend we’ve known for close to ten years. I took out my cell phone and looked at my screen. 1 new message.

“Hurry up. We need to get out of here before we’re SOL.”

Leave it to her to be this ready to get out of this city. I looked a T, tall and lanky, freshly shaved head, couldn’t be much older then 20 by now and he had saved my ass. I quickly texted back, “Almost there bringing a friend.”

“Well, ready to get out of here?” I asked T, waving my cell phone in the space between us. “The Queen is getting impatient.”

“Lets do this, grab the lady and SPLIT. Now, where is she?”

I looked around and pointed at one of the buildings.

“There. On the 20th floor.”

“Now, this is going to be good.”

“Oh, you bet your ass it will be.”

T and I grinned at each other. He grabbed his backpack and a hockey stick and pointed at the next roof.

“Think you can jump that?”

“I know I can.”

“Alright, let’s get moving.”

I had to laugh and I could tell T was just as eager as I was and we sprinted across the rooftop, exhilarated, and as we jumped, I had to hold my breath… and hope all this doesn’t end with my brain splattered on the pavement.

Day 1: Out The Door

I opened the door slowly, the sun was brighter then I remember it being. It seemed like fates way of telling me to stay inside.

Either way, I took the steps to go outside. I looked around just to make sure I didn’t see anything strange. No creatures, that’s a good sign. I closed the door slowly behind me, making sure to not make a sound. I started to creep down the stairs. I kept looking around, I don’t know what these ‘infected’ look like and I really don’t want to find out.

The parking lot is empty. There are a lot of cars in the parking lot but no people which is very odd for an apartment complex. Usually by now there are kids running around playing and people walking to and from their parking spaces. I am getting to the edge of the parking lot I look down the street and still see no signs of anything. It must not be as bad as all that, just the news networks working people into an undo state of panic. Bastards. I pull out my cell phone again, no new text messages. I sent K a new text.

“Still on my way.”

I don’t want her to worry too much about me. Turning out of the parking lot, I start to walk down the street.

Man, I could use a smoke. I pulled out a Marlboro and light it up. I must look like a tourist, puffing and walking down the street. I keep looking and looking, expecting the boogie man to show up and attack. All this stress cannot be good for me.

The parking lot comes to a fork, and I have the option of turning right and going straight out to the main road, or left towards a back road into a residential neighbourhood. My eyes flit right and in the process, I sweep across the devastation cluttering the street. There are cars on fire and people screaming all down the street and I instinctively flinch towards the back road. I have never wanted to NOT go somewhere as much as I don’t want to step foot on that road. The most logical option is obviously the side road where no one is burning alive. I get halfway down the street and I see a shadow in front of me. That can’t be good.

“Hey buddy.” I said, waving my arm above my head.

He doesn’t say a word back, he just stood there and looked right at me. I stopped where I stood. I couldn’t see more then just a shadowed figure in front of me. But that does not mean I wanted to stick around. I started to back up. That’s where things got weirder.

I moved back and the figure shuffled forward. Slowly, its hands rose up, almost like a twisted hug. That’s when I heard it moan – scream and start to shuffle faster, that’s when I decided to haul ass out and run.

Now, smokers have never been known as the most athletic bunch or the most willing to run but when I saw this thing chasing me, the fire street didn’t seem like such a bad idea. It very well was the absolute best option as long as I didn’t have to stick around and let that thing catch me.

I got to my original fork and that thing was still behind me. I had to stop to catch my breath but I knew that was going to give that freak a chance to grab me and… do whatever it wanted to do to me. So I kept going, despite the protestations of my screaming lungs, and I look over towards the main road with a silent prayer that the fires had magically gone out and the world had returned to being the place I recognised.

The screaming had stopped but I now saw the same shuffling bastards crawling and staggering all over the fucking place. I look and see a parking lot looming right out in front of me. Maybe I could cut through there. Damn K for living in the middle of a city while I lived on the outskirts.

I sprinted towards the parking lot as fast as I could. Maybe, if I ran fast enough, I could just cut right through it, past the fires, and lose the shuffling thing, and its friends that would certainly show up.

I got to the lot and cars are littered all over the place. Man, those places are creepy when absolutely NO people are actually in them. Guess most people listened to the reporters on the TV, unlike me. I took a second to catch my breath and look at my phone. The text message alert had shown up and I open up my messages.

“I’m waiting, slow-ass.” K sent another message. I had to smile. Don’t worry K, I’m on my way.


We all know the stories. The stories of before the dead had risen again. We know stories of those who have survived so far. And we also know the stories of those who are fallen.

We do not have a memorial. We do not have land or settlements. We are on the run. Outcasts in a world we have created. It’s really almost fitting.

People are surviving. I don’t know how or why I have managed to survive. Maybe it was the crazy amount of video games I played that have allowed me to make it through this.

Modern life is not completely dead yet. To bad the days of running to the latest coffee house and spending 7 dollars on a cup of coffee are gone. I have 7 dollars in my wallet right now. To bad it’s kind of useless now.

Cars are a plenty now, but it is nearly impossible to find gas to make them run. Those environmentalists must be pleased. If there are any left alive. In a weird way I hope there are.

Avoiding people is normal. You never know who are the ones infected and who will soon be the ones to bite next. Stay with your “family” and avoid strangers at all cost.

We are a kind of makeshift family, one borne of trust and affection rather than blood. Replacing those lost with those who are now irreplaceable. They very well could end up as my legs, arms, and trigger pullers someday.

And that is my lesson to all of you. Pull the fucking trigger!
Pull the trigger before it’s too late. To late for you, your “family” and for all of us.