Chapter 4: Runaway

Now we had been running for a while; and running in the dark is never a good idea. I felt like we had to be in some terrible low budget movie (I mean, come on! the lighting was just awful). I at one point grabbed K’s hand and was dragging her behind me.

Slowly, the moans faded and then nothing. We all came screeching to a halt. My hands went to my knees, and I was gasping for breath. My eyes closed, while I was gasping.

“That…was…too…close” I said, breathing heavily.

“That was way too close. The woods seem to be a terrible idea.” P added

I looked up at my company. T kept looking over his shoulder like he was preparing to high tail it out of there. K was staring at me, as was P.

“What……suggest?” I asked P, still trying to slow my breath.

“We go back to the street. We may be able to find a car, a ride, other people. Anything…”

“What about the infected!?” I shot back up.

K and T both looked at me shocked.

“The more people around, the better chance we have to die.” I added

“I’d Rather die that way then like a blonde chick being stalked by Jason Vorhees.” P retorted

I just looked at him for a moment then laughed. I knew we were in a different predicament then anyone would have believed. Real to life (or death) boogie people.

“Lets rest ’til morning, then make our way towards the streets. We could end up somewhere good. I hear New Mexico is nice. “ I said jokingly.

K looked at her phone and I saw her eyes moisten.

“My mom says she has been evacuated.” she almost whispered

“Thats good right?” T asked

“We should have waited, and been evacuated, too.” she added

“No guarantees we would have been alive that long, K” I told her

“Did you get any messages, B?” she asked trying to change the subject.

I went to feel for my phone in my pockets and it wasn’t there. I laughed a little I had always been so bad with misplacing objects. My phone, wallet, cigarettes, shoes, lighter, microphone, remotes, controllers; They’re all objects I have regularly misplaced and accused elves, gremlins, goblins and the entire country of Germany of taking. I guess now I could say the zombies took it, too.

“Guess I lost it. Oh well, if they evacuated Case Grande, I am sure my parents got away too.” I hoped.

I pushed that thought to the back of my head. I didn’t want to think of my parents, or my brother being eaten, destroyed, or whatever else. We hadn’t been very close for the last couple years between my work schedule, them traveling ,working, and just my lifestyle being a bit eccentric.

“K, let me use your phone.” I reached out my hand

She slowly placed her phone in my hand and I quickly rattled off a text to my brother.

“D, phone lost. you okay? When you get this reply ASAP!” that was all I could think to write. I sent the same to my parents.

I stared at her phone for a few minutes when I saw a new text appear.

“We are all fine, B. Parents evacuated, on my way to Jersey. Jersey Safe.” my brother had replied.

I held up the phone for others to see. T laughed, and pointed

“Jersey boys always fleeing back.”

“Fuck you.” I laughed

“Are you suggesting we go to Jersey now?” P looked at me like I had grown a second head

“I am not suggesting it at all.” I grinned

K sighed and looked at me. She was staring at me, and it almost brought brought a shiver down my entire spine.

“ Are you really saying we go to the place they brought us the Jersey Shore?” she sighed

“It also brought us Bon Jovi.” I said trying to smooth everything over

They all looked like I was speaking nonsense.

“ My brother says its safe there. He wouldn’t lie about this now…” I pulled out the radio

“If we keep this low enough, we can listen to see”

Everybody nodded, which was an encouragement for me to just do it. I really didn’t feel like cranking it so I inserted the batteries I had taken. I fumbled for a second to turn it on. We heard a lot static so I turned it to AM radio. I figured due to the fact their signals always seem to go further we might end up with news faster.

We all stared at the machine hoping for news fast. I kept changing the channels hoping for news, and maybe a plan. Then we heard voices.

“This is emergency signal Z. If you are hearing this, congratulations for still being alive! The entire country has been swarmed with a virus as you all are aware of now. The government has not released any official statements at this time. Safe areas are attempting to be established. If you are no longer in your home, sit tight, and more news will be released as we are given it. “

I sighed as the voice signed off. At least we know something. It wasn’t much but we had a voice, which was nice. I turned off the radio and looked at my friends.

“We are going to Jersey.” K said

I grinned at her. I looked over to T, who just nodded.

“It will be nice to see the place that brought us you.” T grinned

“We have to find a way there. I doubt we can walk there.” P added

I sat down on the ground and lit up a cigarette. Smiling at them as I took a long drag.

“We will figure it out in the morning. When we can see well enough to get to the street. I will take watch. You guys rest.”

K plopped down next to me and took out a cigarette.

“You smoke to much.” she said

“No, we have been running to much.” I responded.

I looked over to T, and P who had seemed to already fall asleep. They are lucky. I don’t think I could have fallen asleep if I even had tried. It seemed like a terrible idea, but ,I think I would have seen the person I had killed earlier in my head.

K rested her head on my shoulder, while taking a drag of her menthol cigarette. I smiled at her and she gave me a little smirk.

“You are an idiot.” she said

“I know.” I said

She slowly stood up and went and laid down only a couple feet away. I handed her back my jacket.

“You look cold.”

“Thanks, B.” she said and closed her eyes.

I looked over at her, and then and P and T. The idea to actually travel across an entire country seemed like such a terrible idea. We would have to get there fast, too. I guess if we were in the movies it would be a simple cut scene and I would be down at the shore, eating cheese fries and drinking.

I rested my head against the tree and looked at the sky. I could hardly see the stars now. I wondered what the hell was really going on. I had to wonder, are they real zombies? Are the dead coming back to life? Or is this some wicked virus from 28 Days Later? I really didn’t know and part of me just didn’t want to know. I grabbed my bat just to be on the safe side. Who knew what would happen in the morning. UFO’s could show up and then the zombies would end up eating some Vulcans. Man that sounds like a terrible movie I would have rented. “Vulcan Eaters”…yep I would have rented that. I saw T start to wake up, and he waved at me and sat down next to me.

“Why are you up?” I asked him

“I could say the same thing to you.” He grabbed one of my cigarettes and smiled lightening it.

We sat next to each other for a while, not really saying anything. I was okay with the silence. It was better then moaning.

“You sure we can trust him, B?” he asked out of nowhere

“I honestly don’t see why not. He hasn’t killed us yet.” I laughed

“I guess.” He said

“Go back to bed. I have watch till the morning.” I told him

“You sure, B? you look tired.” he put out him cigarette

“Yeah I am sure, man.”

T went back and fell back asleep fast. I stayed up like I told him I would and when the sun began to rise I shook K awake.

“Mm. what?” she said

“The sun is up.” I stated

“Help me up.” she raised her hands

I slowly pulled her up and grabbed my jacket. We woke up P and T, and all packed up our things and began to head east. I have no idea why, but I let P take over from here. I kinda walked more in the back at this point. T was right. I should have gone to sleep when I had the chance.

“You okay back there, B?” He asked stopping

“Yeah, just still waking up.” I lied

“Hmm well, we don’t have much longer till we reach the street.” P said

I think he knew I was up all night watching out.
He was right. After only 30 minutes we arrived at the street. I guess P really did know this area pretty well. What I didn’t expect is what we saw at all.

Unlike earlier when we had been on a street with it being abandoned. This road was covered with cars speeding like crazy down it. People were also running down the sides. I was just happy to see other survivors, when K said

“We need to be VERY careful. We don’t know any of them!”

We all nodded and began to try to keep to ourselves walking down the street. I kept looking around and saw people speeding right past us. I was almost a shell shock over the last few days,.

“I have an idea.” T said, and he speed off ahead of us to a group of people outside of a pickup truck.

We all just stared and slowly walked up to him. We heard the end of the conversation.

“….So none of us have been bitten. But, we have cigarettes. Give us a ride as far as you are going and we’ll give you 1 pack each.” he said

K’s eyes bugged out of her head. Even before the end she had never really been much of a people person. She hated people more then I think anyone would believe. P just laughed a little when he saw this reaction.

“We will even sit in the back.” he finished, while looking over to me.

I pulled out 2 packs of smokes, and the driver and his passenger just nodded. I handed them the packs, and we all climbed into the pack of the truck. K seemed to be fuming. But ,I had to admit…using cigarettes as a form of currency would work for a bit. Money really didn’t mean anything, but. cigarettes are a comfort.

Slowly the engine turned back over, and we sat in the back hatch. K kept looking over at the other cars, or the people running that we soon zoomed past. At least it wasn’t a ton of traffic. (does that even exist?)

I felt my eyes slowly getting heavy, and I think everybody else noticed. I looked over to K with a small smile.

“I think I am gonna pass out, guys.” I said

I yawned. It felt so amazing to actually yawn. It meant I felt safe enough to sleep. It was like the sandman was above me and actually pouring the entire bag into my eyes. P look at me and smiled the first full smile at me.

“No worries, B. Go to sleep. We will wake you up when we end up wherever we go.”

I smiled and rested my head against K.

“Go to sleep, B.” she whispered

My heavy eyes finally closed and I was happy. I never fallen asleep that fast. It was the first dream I remember so vividly. I was running in the dark. I couldn’t see anything around me at all. I could feel the sweat pouring down my face and soaking into my shirt and even my jacket.

I turned to see what was exactly chasing me. Part of me knew what the answer was. It wasn’t a horde. It was a thousand times worse. Behind me was a this enormous rotting
decedent. It was the size of Godzilla, and it was chasing and trying to reach me.

I couldn’t help but scream, and high tailed it away as fast as I could. But for each mile I seemed to run it took this creature one step. I almost hoped it would catch me and put me out the misery my corpse would soon feel.
I finally stopped running, no longer feeling the fear and went to face the boogie man of my Nightmare. I turned to face it and it was gone. Instead stood a mirror. I decided to walk towards it after a few moments of complete confusion. The mirror was blank.

I reached out to touch it. When I did, it rippled. I began to see myself but then my skin paled, and I was missing an eye. I was completely horrified when I figured out I was seeing. My reflection reached out to me and I heard the moan. I was turning. I screamed.

The car stopping short must have helped wake me up. I was sweating and everyone was looking at me with a look of concern on their face. I must have been screaming out loud as well.

“Is he okay? You said no one got bit! ” The driver yelled out the window

“He is fine, he just had a nightmare!” P protested

“Fine, we are close to our destination.” he responded

Everybody kept looking at me. I cleared my throat.

“Don’t worry, guys. It was just a nightmare.” I told them

“Must have been pretty bad to have you scream like that.” T said

“Yeah, it was bad.” I said

“What happened?” P asked very curiously

“The Devils lost to the Coyotes in the finals of the Stanley Cup.” I laugh

T and K both laughed, and P looked thoroughly confused. I smiled at them and cracked my neck.

“Don’t even worry about it, guys. It was just a dream, and I am just fine. “

Everybody nodded at me, and it seemed like they went back into a conversation I never was involved in.

“So where are we going anyway?” T asked

“No idea, but, it looks like a nowhere town. I am guessing a lot of the suburbs didn’t get infected yet. I can see why, due to the lack of population. They could be safe to travel. “ P told us

“Then we can just go in and out without many issues?” K asked

P nodded. I had to cut in.

“So we are heading?”

“We are going to Jersey, B. But we have a few side trips we need to take as well. First thing we need is supplies. And then we need some wheels.” T told me.

Chapter 4: Carry on

I just stared at T after those words had been spoken. Of course we needed wheels. but, how would we really go about getting them? Never mind I had no idea where we were, and we are sitting in the back hatch of a truck. I guessed we could find some abandoned car on the side of the road, but it still seemed bad enough I stole a car.

“First we need to figure out where we are.” I told them

“Yeah, we are kind of in the middle of nowhere.” K said

“Looks familiar, really.” I said

I was very tempted to knock on the window to ask where we are, when I saw a small town ahead of us. It looked like the citizens had been trying to fortify the thing. Good for them, but, I was beginning to have my doubts that it would really be doable.

“How long was I asleep for?” I asked

“Honestly, B. it was hours. We just didn’t want to wake you up.” T responded

“Are we still in Arizona?” I was puzzled

“I don’t think so.” K blurted out.

We had been surrounded by miles of green grass and trees. I had never seen so much of that color in my entire life. I was even about to see hills and mountains that seemed to still have hints of snow on them. To be honest I felt like I had walked into a family film from back in the 80’s.

“Man, I must have been asleep for a long time.” I whispered.

“When was the last time you saw snow guys?” P asked

“Besides Flagstaff?” K asked

“Yeah.” he responded

“A very long time ago.” I said flatly

The truck kept moving along, and soon passed a mangled sign that said “Welcome to Telluride”. I pointed at the sign as we passed it. It was riddled with bullet holes. As I was staring at the holes, 2 men signaled for the truck to stop. Both of these men seemed to be holding mini arsenals in their hands. Our ride came to a very quick stop.

We all just stared as more men came out of hiding places. They all stopped and then surrounded the truck.

“What do you people want?” a heavy set man asked

None of us knew how to really answer that, figuring we had just figured out where we were. I looked over to our driver hoping he might be able to answer everything for us.

“We have family here! The Millers, they live here.” he practically screamed this

“Hmm…and what about them?” the man asked pointing directly at us.

The driver turned his head to look at us. I thought he was ready to feed us to the zombies with how intense his look was. Then he just smiled.

“They are my cousins. I found them while trying to drive here. Figured we would have a family reunion.” he answered.

I sighed for relief internally. I have the feeling they didn’t want outsiders in this tight nit community. At least not with what was going on. I remembered reading about this place a long time ago, and how it was a major hotspot for tourists. I don’t think it would be anymore.

They waved us through, and as we pulled through I saw them slowly go back to their hiding spaces. I feel bad for any zombies that could end up meeting them. Once we were a pretty good distance away from the “welcoming committee “ the car began to slow, and then stopped. We grabbed our stuff and all hopped out of the car. I Walked towards the driver side window and smiled at the driver.

“I don’t even know your name, but you really helped us out.” I said extending my hand

“Call me J, and don’t mention it.” he shook my hand and drove off.

We all just stood there for a few minutes taking in our surroundings. This place reminded me a lot of Flagstaff with the snow and the shops. It didn’t seem as hospitable though, and I doubt we would be staying here very long.

We began to walk down the street very close to each other. I saw a few people peaking out the windows at us, and I clutched by bat with all my might. “This is not a good place” was all I was able to think.

I looked over to K, who had her hand clutched on her handgun, and T…I don’t think really knew what was going on. P just kept looking forward, like the soldier he was.

“We need to not bring any extra attention to ourselves. So, lets find a shop or something to go to now.” P whispered.

“Fuck, this is scary” I said

As I was looking around…I won’t lie…I felt like I was an alien walking with a a huge sign saying “I am here to eat you”. I saw blinds opening and closing with the occasional look of sociopathic anger. We kept walking ahead, and I saw rising above the building a huge cloud of black smoke. It smelt like overcooked lamb chops, but at a massive scale.

“You guys smell that?” T asked sniffing the air

“I don’t even want to know what is causing that much smoke.” K rebutted

Without any real logic of reason behind it we started to walk towards the smoke. I reached into my backpack and grabbed the handgun I had taken earlier. Even with a shotgun with me (I hadn’t tried to shoot yet, by the way) this felt like the better choice. K still had her hand clutching her handgun as well. I look over to T and smacked his shoulder. He unhooked his strapped shotgun from his back and grinned wildly. P just looked over as us.

“You all seem prepared.” he said

“You don’t.” K added

All P could do was shrug.

“I lost mine when we got overrun.”

I looked at K and she looked at me. She then reached into her bag and handed her extra handgun to P along with some ammo.

“I want this back when you get your own. I stole it fair and square.” she added

We slowly crept down the street, and tried our best to act as casual as possible. Which is not easy when you are the only ones on the street. That is a fact that cannot be denied. We heard noise coming from behind us and I turned my head to see what it could possibly be.

Some people had begun come outside. They looked at us suspiciously, but quickly disregarded us. We kept walking towards the smoke; our eyes completely focused. The smell was getting stronger. It was smelling more burnt and less lambish. The smoke itself was so potent. I was afraid to see what it was.

We reached the corner, and I poked my head around. It was an image that…like my first solo kill…will forever haunt me. Sometimes you learn that man can be the truest of all evils.

I saw what looked like a fire pit, and living people being lined up and thrown into the flames. I don’t know how we didn’t hear the screams, either, or if we did manage to block them out. I quickly receded and I turned to face my friends.

“We have got to get the fuck out of here.” I think by that point I was hyperventilating

“Why are people screaming?” K asked louder then I would have liked

“They are burning people alive…aren’t they?” T asked

“How the fuck did you know that!?” I asked

“The smell, the screams…” T said solemnly

The smell, the screams, they wouldn’t stop. I knew how he wanted to finish that. I turned my head to try to look but I saw a few of the people we saw leaving the building earlier walking up to towards some of the executioners. I quickly turned to face my companions. Their eyes all got wide

“Umm…I think we have been seen.” I said lowly

“Yeah, you have.” a deep voice bellowed

I turned to face the voice and I saw a group of men. They all seemed to have semi-automatic weapons (at least from what I remember). It was about 8 men (way to many for us to fight). I just looked at them for a moment.

“What are you all doing in our town?” the leader asked

He was easily 6’3 and built like a dumpster. I could easily imagine him as being a pro wrestler before this all happened. Now, I have never been that small of a man. but, at this moment I felt like I was a little person lost in a big and tall store. With the addition of his friends behind him, (all around the same size or bigger) I felt like I was about to be snuffed out.

Suddenly I felt a hand grab me, and I was tugged back. I turned, and we all began a full sprint down the side of the building. Halfway there, we saw more people emerging to block our path.

“Fuck.” P said audibly

I was sure that we all felt the same way. We began to slow quickly. We had been out maned and outgunned. (I am sure they at least knew how to use theirs…unlike me.) I looked over to my counterparts and I saw P raise his arms, then T, then K, I soon followed suit.

“So I am gonna ask again…what are you doing in our town?” the voice came from behind me.

None of us seemed to be very anxious to speak. I cleared my throat, hoping that at this very moment it would retreat to years when my voice cracked. I opened my dry mouth when K began to explain

“We hitched a ride, we got dropped off. We fled Phoenix.” K said as calm as could be.

“So why come here? What have you heard?” he demanded

“We just are passing through. Our ride said he was going this far.” she said standing her ground.

That answer seemed to appease him for the moment.

“You four, follow me.” he demanded.

We all lowered our arms and began to follow him towards one of the more shoddy looking buildings. Behind us his roid raged counterparts followed. He walked at a fast pace, and his gun never stopped pointing at us. He opened the door and ushered us in. We turned to face him as his men grabbed the guns, and other weapons right out of our hands.

“You guys finish the pit.” he said as he closed the door behind himself.

He walked ahead of us as he walked behind a desk. I could tell this room (if not the entire building) was once of great importance to this town. The desk was still in complete immaculate condition. He sat in a plush chair and feet soon went on the desk.

“Now, now. No need to worry, our weary travelers.” he spat out with a sense of sarcasm

None of us really knew how to respond to that. I just looked at him with most likely a
mix of disgust and curiosity. P on the other hand decided to take initiative.

“We mean no harm here at all sir. We are just passing through. No one outside will hear of anything.” he tried to explain

“Now, now, now. No need for be formal. You can call me the Savior….due to saving my people.” he had pride, and a lot of it.

“Okay…Savior…” T said flatly

“You got a problem, boy?” The Savior sat up behind his desk

“No problem here.” He said smirking

“Thanks, T”, I thought to myself. If we are really going to get killed might as well have some fun while we are at it, right?

“Savior, we aren’t in the way. Maybe we could negotiate passage through?” I asked

“Besides, we wouldn’t be any harm. I mean you already have our weapons.” K added sweetly

Savior sat back behind his desk. He reached into his desk drawer and pulled out a fat cigar. As he lit the thing the whole room seemed to fill with the gray smoke we all knew a little to well.

“Thats an interesting proposition you four propose. But you never answered my question…who are you?” he said taking another disgustingly huge drag

I sighed at him. Looking the man straight in the eyes and decided we might as well be honest with this nutter. He controlled our lives with his decision. I told him our names and our story. The story that began with me waking up, leaving my house to find K, stealing a VW bus, T saving my ass, us pulling a superman, grabbing K, the dog saving our life, the “war” in Flagstaff, meeting with P, and our getting here.

He cupped his hand against his massive chin and seemed to fake contemplation on our fates. Finally, he rose back from his chair again and paced back and forth.

“Now, we don’t like trespassers on our lands…and due to the fact all land here is mine. I really don’t like it. “ he grinned like a maniac on speed

We all kept looking at him for him to continue. He stood there staring back at us, like he was waiting for an answer.

“Sorry for going on your land?” K said flatly

“As am I, K.” He paused. “For the crime of trespassing I sentence you all to death…in the pit.”


Who knew that trespassing would carry such a high degree of sentence. I think we all looked at him like he was completely insane (a title I am sure we all felt would be completely true.) He had this smirk on his face I wanted to reach over and smack off. He brought his hands across his chest and had a smile that one would think he actually had won World War 2 all by himself.

“Savior? don’t you think that is a little drastic?” I asked

“Why would you think that you can trespass on ones chosen land during the apocalypse and not be punished, heathen?” He spouted

“Chosen land?” I said dryly

“Yes little lady! This is HIS chosen land! We have survived he spoke to me! We fought! we won!” his face was getting red as he spoke with passion.

“You won?” I said

“Yes, son. we won! Notice no walking dead? NOTHING! I brought firepower to this town and I am keeping it alive in his name! You come here uninvited with your plague and think I will let that happen? Not a chance!” he spouted with venom.

He slowly reached into a drawer in his desk and pulled out a walkie talkie. He smiled again at us.

“I am sorry to do this kid, I really am. But how else will you learn? Maybe in the next life you will be wiser.”

He moved right behind us seeming to forget we had even been there. He was quite for a few moments then began to speak into his walkie talkie.

“Yes, the prisoners have been convicted come collect them when…” his sentence had gotten cut off.

We had all been standing there like complete statues as he spoke, when I saw K flinch. I figured it could have been due to complete aggravation but I didn’t expect what I saw from her next. She turned to him when his back was turned to us. Smiling a smile that almost glowed she sprang and she pounced on his back knocking him to the ground.

He had begun to try and fight back by the time I had gotten to her side. He had his meatloaf of a fist ready to direct at K when he got a kick to the side of the head. I figured this sort of a situation would be no different then a mosh pit.

As I tried to give in a living mans cranium with my boot, I stopped. P and T had approached and pulled K off of the man. He seemed to be out cold.

“Is he dead?” T asked

P reached down to check on his breathing, but hesitated when he checked for a heartbeat. Slowly lowering his head down.

“I am sure he is okay.” He said blankly

I looked down at the man I had bludgeoned with a bit of sadness. It seems like the end of the world is a lot more complicated then it would seem. Survival of the fittest is easier to think about when you aren’t the one attacking.

The Savior just laid there motionless for a few moments. We needed to collect ourselves, discuss our next step. Anything. We heard the door open. I turned to look as the doorknob slowly moved. Whoever was on the other side knew something was happening.

The doorknob stopped moving and we all held our breath. Must stay calm, don’t move a damn muscle. I looked over to K who was looking back at me and smiled. I guess she knew something I didn’t, I looked at T who’s eyes were completely focused on the door knob, then I looked at P, who’s eyes seemed stuck on the laying figure of the Savior.

I could hear whispering. I closed my eyes, and I knew we where in so much more trouble. I remembered those men from earlier and knew that would be them on the other side of the door.

I looked over to my friends and all eyes were glued to the door. I let out a small snicker. Their eyes turned to me.

“Lets go down swinging?” I asked

“Always.” K added

P stood up and smacked T on the back.

“I always got your back B.” T smiled

“Might as well die with you fools.” P laughed

The door went crashing to the ground and I saw the men crash into the room. Once again all the men looked like they had had their daily dose of Roid-O’s breakfast cereal.

The men stopped short when they saw their fearless leader on the ground. A groan muttered from him as he remained on the ground. Their semi automatic weapons remained pointed at us.

I wanted to charge but who doesn’t had the fear of dying? I know personally I don’t, but I don’t want K to get hurt, I don’t want any of them to get hurt. I sighed internally.

“So.” I said out-loud.

All the devices pointed at me.

“I think we need to renegotiate our sentence.”

Please keep looking at me. Please keep looking at me. Please keep looking at me. Maybe if we keep talking we can find a way to get out of this. I may think I am tough, but I doubt I could punch bullets.

They all looked at me stunned. I don’t think they expected anything, and for us just to stand there and die.

“No you die…in the fires.” a beaten down Savior spouted with pure hatred.

He slowly got off the ground and looked like he was staring at the devils incarnate.

“You people have been sent by the devil himself.”

He walked right to me and glared.

“I cannot wait to watch the devil burn.” that smile came back across his face

The men came up behind us and pressed their guns to our back, and began to escort us to our “cells”. We had been through too much. It would be dangerous to keep us together. It made me nervous to know we would be separated until we had our execution.

The “cells” had just been 1 room offices. No windows, one door, and no furniture except for one chair to sit in. As we got locked in one by one a guard was placed outside of our doors. Down the hallway I saw the Savior just standing there smirking at us.

“See you when you meet your maker.” He said proudly

I had no real response to this. What could I really say to this man? So I went with the typical defiant nature I have always had.

“I will take you with me.”

As I finished those words I was pushed into my “cell”, landing face first on a very uncomfortable carpet. The door slammed shut behind me. I slowly got up and started to look around and kicked the door.

“Stupid fuckers.” I said out loud to no one in particular.

I looked up at the ceiling and noticed it had some lose panels. A smile started to spread across my face. Maybe this wouldn’t be to difficult after all. I walked to the wall and knocked lightly and heard a faint knock back. Good. We were still okay. I hoped they didn’t notice what I was about to do.

When I was a very rebellious teen I had been prone to trying things I had seen on TV and Movies. One such movie was the masterpiece the Breakfast Club. I was always the rebel of my group. I put the chair up against the wall and climbed on it.

Now the ceiling wan’t really that tall or anything, but it was still a stretch. Stretching my arms as high as I could above me I still couldn’t reach.

“Fuck.” I said louder then I wanted to.

I started to look at the chair and noticed the back end was wood. I laid the chair on the ground I stepped on the back of the chair and grabbed the legs. I started to pull as hard as I could, hoping I could snap it off to get some leverage.

I stood there pulling for what felt like a millennia. I started to lean back when my hands began to feel like they where on fire. Wood grinding into my flesh. If I looked down I would have seen blood slowly start to drip on the carpet. Finally I heard the cracking sound I had been so desperate to hear. I felt it start to give and I leaned even further back. I heard it crack even more. That is where everything got a little worse.

I had underestimated how long it would take it break, and I know that now. But by the time I noticed it had become completely dislodged I was falling pretty quickly towards the wall. And yes it really did hurt.

Groggily I found myself laying against the wall and my head pounding. I must have hit the wall pretty damn hard. I hoped no one outside heard it. I knew it was a possibility so I stood up with my new “weapon” in my hand ready to bash someones skull if I needed to. It even had a nice point where it had broken. Like it was made to kill a linebacker of a vampire.

I tried to steady my breathing, knowing as a smoker I could be heard from a mile away when I am out of breath. I heard keys fumbling on the outside and a voice yelling

“What the hell in going on!”

I went to the side of the doorway knowing that I would have to attack a living person. A living person is now my enemy. Those words rang over and over in my head. It felt like time could have stopped with that realization. Maybe the dead had the right idea after all.

The door sprang open, I saw the semi automatic come peering through the doorway. I saw the hands holding it shake slightly as I whacked them as hard as I could with the remains of the chair. The gun fell to the ground and I saw his eyes. Eyes quickly filling with fear. I held on tight with my chair piece and stabbed, closing my eyes for a moment.

When I reopened them I saw the mans eyes wide open and blood leaking from his mouth. I saw where I had stabbed, and unlucky for him I got him right in the throat. He dropped to his knees and started to convulse and the crimson liquid poured from the wound and his mouth. When I heard a gurgle I almost wanted to puke, but instead i grabbed the keys he dropped on the floor, and his gun. I wanted to say I was sorry, I wanted to hold his hand and tell him he will be okay but instead I watched him fall the rest of the way to ground. What was happening to me?

I poked my head out of the doorway and didn’t see any other guards. I creeped out as gracefully and quietly as I could closing the door behind me. I walked to the next door and like the guard, I fumbled with the keys trying to unlock it. I found the right key finally, and knocked before I entered just so the person on the other side knew it was friendly.

I opened the door slowly and when it was cracked I said in a whisper,

“Its me.”

When i opened the door the rest of the way I saw K. Her eyes looked suspicious as first, then grateful as they fell on me. I smiled and closed the door behind me quickly and hugged her.

“How did you get out?” she asked right away

I looked down at my shirt, and saw my guard friends blood, and gave her a half smile. She looked down and her eyes got wide.

“What did you do B?” she said quietly

“I got out.” was all I could think to say

She looked at me for a moment and smiled. She took the gun from my hand

“I am a better shot then you. Lets go get T, and P.” she walked towards the door

I think I must have been in some sort of shock, but it hadn’t fully kicked in yet. i opened the door slightly and poked my head out again, and saw we had still been in the clear. Going to the neighboring doors with K watching my back we got back our two companions.

We had agreed to avoid our original entrance, knowing how well that part was guarded. We slowly walked down the hallway, and when we had reached my doorway, I whispered.

“Want to see how I got out?”

K nodded and I opened the door. They all peered in and quickly snapped their heads back out. Closing the door I looked at them all in the eyes, and I only saw the shock staring back at me. I almost felt like a monster.

We turned the corner and I had to say this felt more and more like a level I would have played in a game. My eyes kept darting back behind me. Each time I did I saw T’s eyes glued back to me. His eyes held something besides shock, but I really couldn’t place it.

We finally reached a door with an illuminated Exit sign. We had all stopped. I stared at it for a few minutes before standing in front of it.

“Do we want to retreat?” I asked

“What do you mean?” K asked

“I think I know what he means.” T said

“This fucker kidnapped us, and threatened to turn me into a god damn barbecue.” I said with anger I hadn’t even noticed was brewing

“You want to go after him?” K said arching one eyebrow

“I want to send him to hell myself.” I stated matter of frankly.

I was turning into a monster. And I didn’t care.