Neighbors Perspective
Zombie Menace

We all saw the news reports warning us not to go outside. I looked out my window and saw my careless noisy weirdo of a neighbor named B running outside with a baseball bat and his backpack. Didn’t he watch the news? I was tempted to yell and warn him to get back inside. But I hesitated to much and he was to far gone for me to even reach him. I hope he is okay.

I made sure the front door was locked and then moved a chair under the doorknob. Then I sat down on my recliner and started to stare at the tv. This couldn’t be happening its just to terrible. Like a bad B-Flick coming to life. A massive virus or an infection they keep rotating those terms back and forth. I had to rest my head in my hands this had to just be a terrible nightmare.

When I finally closed my eyes wishing for a moment of clarity I heard static coming from the TV. Looking up all I saw was snow. The station must have just gone down. That had to be it. Stupid local news. I tried to change the channel and got the same results multiple times. Finally I got a picture again. It was that nutty news channel. You know the one that keeps trying to get people scared.

“Don’t leave your house. Do not try to contact anybody. It seems to be spreading faster then we thought.”

I keep getting ansy thinking of those words. I heard noises coming from outside. They seemed to keep getting louder and louder. I was afraid to look out the window again. Maybe B was right, maybe he had the right idea. I hope he is okay…I hope I am okay.