Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit, and double shit. I dropped my phone I don’t even know if K was still talking to me or not. I have to assume she was.  I run to the door to make sure the door was locked and I look out the peephole. I don’t see anything that’s overtly menacing, but even if I did it wouldn’t be anything I haven’t seen before at this complex. Most people here don’t wake up before noon though.

Still forgetting about the phone, I go back up the stairs and, like most of the population that actually know what a USB drive is, I go to my computer. All the news sites are abuzz with this raging sickness taking over and how the President has been taking to an undisclosed location ‘for his continued safety’. Fucking coward.

Oh man oh man I have got to get out of here. I rush back down to the stairs and I see that the cordless has broken where I dropped it. Figured that would happen. I look at the table and see my cell phone. I pick it up and see I have missed a lot of texts. I open it and look for the one name that matters. Common K.

”Where the fuck are you, dumbass?”

I smirked at the phone. She was worried. I quickly texted her back

”On my way, dear,” I text back, hoping the cell reception lasts long enough for me to get where I need to go.

Shoving the phone into my pocket I go back upstairs and start shoving things into my backpack. The little things I could need including my Macbook. Other things consisted of my butterfly knife, photo album, phone and laptop charger. At the last minute, I shove in the remains of my carton of smokes and a lighter.

I decided I may need to change though, not to safe to be running around in my PJ pants. I grabbed my cargo pants and a t-shirt. If I had to run better be as mobile as I knew how to be. I laced up my boots and grabbed my favorite hoodie from my old college. I had been out of school for years but who doesn’t like to remember the good times?

Stomping back down my stairs I stopped at the fridge and grabbed some water, pop and my poptarts. Seeing my jean jacket on the counter I put that on quickly as well. Just in case, you always need your armour (who knew how right I would be).

K had a car, I didn’t. She lived across town and I just knew that the buses would not be running right now. Well looks like I’m walking. As I zipped up my backpack I look at the TV one more time. That nice reporter looks like she is about to puke all over my screen. She looks scared.

”Do not leave your homes! Victims that have been attacked by the infected are showing signs of infection themselves. We are unaware at this time how to control the infection, or even how it is spread. Avoid all contact with the deceased, as it seems that the dead are a carrier of the infection.”

Well, that will make things a lot more complicated then I thought. I went to the closet  and saw my baseball bat. I always kept it in the closet for home protection or in case T ( a friend of ours) and I thought to play baseball in the house again. This could work.

I looked around my apartment one more time in a silent goodbye. It looks like I’m leaving home again. This is going to be an adventure, I just know it.