Day 1

Today was exactly like every other day I’ve lived through since I turned 18 and got the fuck out of my parent’s house. Except the part that wasn’t.

I woke up, stumbling and grouching all the way to the living room where I lit up my first of many cigarettes, and turned on the TV – all while barely opening my eyes. The sleeping dragon that lived in my stomach decided that now was the time to perk up and demand its tribute, so I wandered over to the kitchen and began the preparations required to enjoy a breakfast of champions – bacon and eggs with a heaping glass of orange juice. While I was cracking five eggs into a bowl, I finally listened to what the news reporter was saying. Something about a virus spreading throughout the US like wildfire, infecting a huge percentage of citizens overnight in all major cities and the majority of suburbs.

Now, I’m not some pussy-assed fairy and I’ve lived through some tough times, but I was so shocked by the videos and pictures of the the ‘infected’ that I actually dropped the bowl full of eggs all over the kitchen floor. The voice coming from my speakers was monotone and blank, and I felt vaguely ill at the thought of the cheery woman I knew would reappear on my screen in a few moments. It wasn’t right, her being so bright and cheery in her little news world when everything was for shit in the real fucking world.

“Citizens are encouraged to stay indoors, lock their windows and doors, and avoid any contact with the infected. No not attempt to establish contact with loved ones, secure yourselves in your homes and wait for further instruction from our government.” The woman continues, managing to sound bored despite the horrific specters being projected on every TV set in the nation. I think briefly that maybe this is just a fantastically realistic new movie, but I somehow know it isn’t. This is real and I am about to throw up.

Ring. Ring. Ring.

I grab my cordless off the counter without thought and answer curtly. “What?”

“Are you watching the fucking news?” K barks frantically. I can practically see the frazzled look on her face as she clutches the phone manically.

“Yeah. Is this for real?” I ask, hoping despite all evidence to the contrary that this really is a movie or a prank or some equally unrealistic possibility.

“Fuck yeah! They’ve been showing footage all morning and the numbers of infected are growing by the fucking minute!” K shrieked, and I can tell that my best friend is about to loose it completely.

Shit. This is actually happening. The shots of Time Square are still playing and I can’t focus on K’s voice any more… because this is real.