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New Teaser

Hey there everybody!

Now I know it has been a little silent for a little bit. I am currently typing up the latest update (been hand writing them). But I thought it would be fun to put up another teaser! I hope you all enjoy it

News For 12/11/12

Hi everybody,

Well we are still working on everything but I did get some news on our comment feed and I felt the need to thank them. A while back I posted about how we had been listed on a site for zombie fiction. Earlier this week I found out that the list was plagiarized by another authors who’s list can be found below


I want to thank the author Shanna Redwind for letting me know and for including us on the list. It really does mean a lot.

Before The Dead Teaser

Happy Thanksgiving Everybody!

Today as promised here is a little present from the Before The Dead crew! We will have a chapter update within the next few days and some more videos in the future. Keep posted!