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New Teaser

Hey there everybody!

Now I know it has been a little silent for a little bit. I am currently typing up the latest update (been hand writing them). But I thought it would be fun to put up another teaser! I hope you all enjoy it

Before The Dead Teaser

Happy Thanksgiving Everybody!

Today as promised here is a little present from the Before The Dead crew! We will have a chapter update within the next few days and some more videos in the future. Keep posted!

Post Running Late

Sorry everyone the post is running late. Should be out of beta soon.

Day 1: Road Rage

I already knew that this was a stupid decision when I decided to plop my ass down on the concrete using an old VW Bus to shield me. I just needed to think. Whatever that boogie was, well, it’s just not good. My bat is clutched in one hand and I can feel how tight I am holding onto it. Leaving the house was really not a good idea at all, was it?

I reached into my pocket and pulled out another cigarette. Taking the first drag was just a small inhalation of normalcy and heaven wrapped in a toxic package. I loved every second of it.

Looking around before I stood up I looked inside the car. I really needed some fucking luck, and for once I really think god may exist, because when I looked into the window of the bus, there were keys in the ignition.

I swear, I must of looked as giddy as a school girl. I reached for the handle and what a surprise… the door was actually locked. Who the hell locks their keys in their car?

“Most likely the type of person who leaves their keys in their car to begin with.” I say out loud to no one in particular.

I felt like a spy, trying to be as inconspicuous as possible, checking every car door to see if any of them were open.

I looked up at the sky and thought that god must be a real big practical joker to be playing this sort of game with me. I grabbed my baseball bat and looked at the windows.

This is when I had to weigh my options completely. The boogies could be around, and anyone could and would hear the sound of glass breaking. I look at the ground; this is not an easy choice.

Fuck it, it’s either break the glass, walk/run, or die. I swung my bat with everything I had and just smashed the drivers side window. Awesome. I reach in and unlock the door and, man, I heard a lot of those groans coming from everywhere.

I slammed the door behind me and turn the keys, oh thank god there is still gas in the damn thing, I look in front of me and, oh fuck, there are a lot of those things, I look behind me and, of course there are yet more, and I refuse to look to the sides because that would just make me even more nervous. I put the bus into drive and peel out of the space as fast as the old hunker can go. There is a crunching, grinding, screeching sound coming from under the tires as I just plough through the hoard trying to grab at me through the broken window and I cant even dredge up the tiniest bit of pity for those damned creatures. It was either me or them….right?

I speed out as fast as this boat of a car can go. I feel the breeze hit my face and it feels nice, I feel the glass stab into my ass and back — not so nice. Either way, I am driving down the streets now and I see these creatures everywhere. They are shuffling around and moaning and screaming. This is the strangest thing I’ve ever seen. Where are the people? Are they all… like these things?

I am driving down the street and I pull out my phone, I need to let K know we have a ride now. Heh, I think she is going to yell at me. Although, drastic times call for desperate measures.

“K. I got us a ride. Be ready! We are getting the fuck out of here!”

I hope she gets it and is actually on time for once. I look back up at the road and I feel the car slam into something. Or was it someone? I don’t think I can consider it a person anymore.

It’s lying on the hood of the car and the eyes are glassed over like a drunk or someone who has one to many concussions. It’s still fucking moving like nothing happened. I speed up now, hoping to get it the hell off the car and it eventually falls off but it was looking at me like I look at a cheeseburger.

K’s place isn’t to far off. I stop the car. If these things are everywhere (like they seem), I need to get out of the car instead of lead a huge swarm back to K’s apartment. K and I can ninja our way back here. We can’t really hide a car pulling up and honking the horn like I used to do when she lived with her parents.

I pull the car over and grab my backpack, bat, and unlike the original owner of my new ride, I grabbed the keys. I open the car door and look ahead. 4 blocks. I am sure I can make it 4 blocks. I made it this far right?

Day 1: Out The Door

I opened the door slowly, the sun was brighter then I remember it being. It seemed like fates way of telling me to stay inside.

Either way, I took the steps to go outside. I looked around just to make sure I didn’t see anything strange. No creatures, that’s a good sign. I closed the door slowly behind me, making sure to not make a sound. I started to creep down the stairs. I kept looking around, I don’t know what these ‘infected’ look like and I really don’t want to find out.

The parking lot is empty. There are a lot of cars in the parking lot but no people which is very odd for an apartment complex. Usually by now there are kids running around playing and people walking to and from their parking spaces. I am getting to the edge of the parking lot I look down the street and still see no signs of anything. It must not be as bad as all that, just the news networks working people into an undo state of panic. Bastards. I pull out my cell phone again, no new text messages. I sent K a new text.

“Still on my way.”

I don’t want her to worry too much about me. Turning out of the parking lot, I start to walk down the street.

Man, I could use a smoke. I pulled out a Marlboro and light it up. I must look like a tourist, puffing and walking down the street. I keep looking and looking, expecting the boogie man to show up and attack. All this stress cannot be good for me.

The parking lot comes to a fork, and I have the option of turning right and going straight out to the main road, or left towards a back road into a residential neighbourhood. My eyes flit right and in the process, I sweep across the devastation cluttering the street. There are cars on fire and people screaming all down the street and I instinctively flinch towards the back road. I have never wanted to NOT go somewhere as much as I don’t want to step foot on that road. The most logical option is obviously the side road where no one is burning alive. I get halfway down the street and I see a shadow in front of me. That can’t be good.

“Hey buddy.” I said, waving my arm above my head.

He doesn’t say a word back, he just stood there and looked right at me. I stopped where I stood. I couldn’t see more then just a shadowed figure in front of me. But that does not mean I wanted to stick around. I started to back up. That’s where things got weirder.

I moved back and the figure shuffled forward. Slowly, its hands rose up, almost like a twisted hug. That’s when I heard it moan – scream and start to shuffle faster, that’s when I decided to haul ass out and run.

Now, smokers have never been known as the most athletic bunch or the most willing to run but when I saw this thing chasing me, the fire street didn’t seem like such a bad idea. It very well was the absolute best option as long as I didn’t have to stick around and let that thing catch me.

I got to my original fork and that thing was still behind me. I had to stop to catch my breath but I knew that was going to give that freak a chance to grab me and… do whatever it wanted to do to me. So I kept going, despite the protestations of my screaming lungs, and I look over towards the main road with a silent prayer that the fires had magically gone out and the world had returned to being the place I recognised.

The screaming had stopped but I now saw the same shuffling bastards crawling and staggering all over the fucking place. I look and see a parking lot looming right out in front of me. Maybe I could cut through there. Damn K for living in the middle of a city while I lived on the outskirts.

I sprinted towards the parking lot as fast as I could. Maybe, if I ran fast enough, I could just cut right through it, past the fires, and lose the shuffling thing, and its friends that would certainly show up.

I got to the lot and cars are littered all over the place. Man, those places are creepy when absolutely NO people are actually in them. Guess most people listened to the reporters on the TV, unlike me. I took a second to catch my breath and look at my phone. The text message alert had shown up and I open up my messages.

“I’m waiting, slow-ass.” K sent another message. I had to smile. Don’t worry K, I’m on my way.


We all know the stories. The stories of before the dead had risen again. We know stories of those who have survived so far. And we also know the stories of those who are fallen.

We do not have a memorial. We do not have land or settlements. We are on the run. Outcasts in a world we have created. It’s really almost fitting.

People are surviving. I don’t know how or why I have managed to survive. Maybe it was the crazy amount of video games I played that have allowed me to make it through this.

Modern life is not completely dead yet. To bad the days of running to the latest coffee house and spending 7 dollars on a cup of coffee are gone. I have 7 dollars in my wallet right now. To bad it’s kind of useless now.

Cars are a plenty now, but it is nearly impossible to find gas to make them run. Those environmentalists must be pleased. If there are any left alive. In a weird way I hope there are.

Avoiding people is normal. You never know who are the ones infected and who will soon be the ones to bite next. Stay with your “family” and avoid strangers at all cost.

We are a kind of makeshift family, one borne of trust and affection rather than blood. Replacing those lost with those who are now irreplaceable. They very well could end up as my legs, arms, and trigger pullers someday.

And that is my lesson to all of you. Pull the fucking trigger!
Pull the trigger before it’s too late. To late for you, your “family” and for all of us.