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New Teaser

Hey there everybody!

Now I know it has been a little silent for a little bit. I am currently typing up the latest update (been hand writing them). But I thought it would be fun to put up another teaser! I hope you all enjoy it

News For 12/11/12

Hi everybody,

Well we are still working on everything but I did get some news on our comment feed and I felt the need to thank them. A while back I posted about how we had been listed on a site for zombie fiction. Earlier this week I found out that the list was plagiarized by another authors who’s list can be found below


I want to thank the author Shanna Redwind for letting me know and for including us on the list. It really does mean a lot.

Before The Dead Teaser

Happy Thanksgiving Everybody!

Today as promised here is a little present from the Before The Dead crew! We will have a chapter update within the next few days and some more videos in the future. Keep posted!

Long time no post we know but we wanted to thank all of our readers for their continued support as well as to wish all of our American readers a Happy Thanksgiving! By tomorrow a special surprise will be posted on our page for all of you!