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Peaceful Grass

New short just to keep your appetites going while we finish up 🙂

Peaceful Grass.

She was lying on the grass. She had been there for several hours that she knew of but none of that seemed to matter. All that did was the pure and unadulterated fear that was pounding throughout her body. She barely knew what she had been through but all that mattered was it was over.
It had been a typical day. Went to college, went to the store downtown and came home. When she arrived home everything seemed to be normal.

“Mom I’m home” she yelled

“Oh S my dear”

“Mom what’s wrong?”

“Its your father.”

“What’s wrong with daddy?

“He was in town and someone bit him on the arm. He has been lying in bed ever since. I have called the doctor and he is on his way over.”

Who would bite middle aged man? That was defiantly not normal behavior by any sense of the word. S knew that many diseases would spread by a human biting one another.

“Dad must be crazy to react like that. He acts the same way when he has a cold,” she told her mom

“I don’t know dear. His eyes look bad”

His eye? She decided to go upstairs and see her father. As she climbed that stairs the idea popped into her head of all those bad corny horror movies she watched as a teenager. She laughed off the possibilities of Jason attacking from around the corner and walked into his bedroom.


“Oh S hi how was class” he responded breathily

This was not the father she had known her entire 23 years of life. He was always a superman to her and now he was lying in the bed. She could see soars developing all over his arms and face. Each breath seemed to be a massive struggle. Then he looked at her with a sad grin on his face and she saw the eyes her mom was speaking of. His eyes had begun to glass over.

“Daddy” she yelled to no response

She ran down the stairs to tell her mother and her mother wept into her body. All S could do was hold her and tell her everything would be okay and that he was in a better place. A place with his father and mother and brothers. She picked up the phone to call the doctors office.

“Doctor Brown. This is S my mother called earlier about my father who was bit.”

“Oh yes” he said grimily

“What do you mean oh yes?” S said suspiciously

“I am guessing you called to tell me he has passed”

“How did you know?”

“It’s happening all over the city. Just watch the news” he responded


“I will restate watch the news. We will send people to collect his body shortly”
That was odd she thought as he hung up the phone. Her mom had gone upstairs to say her last goodbye to the husband she adored. S has sat on a chair and turned on the news. She wondered what the doctor had been speaking of.

“Today there has been a rush of people being bit. As first most authorities had thought it was nothing until it seemed the corpses had begun to reanimate. The Government is implores us to stay away from any bodies we may see and stay indoors. More will be told as we learn.”

S turned to run up the stairs when she had already heard her mother scream a scream that would have been envied by any metal band in the world. She rushed up the stairs to see the father she had though of as superman feast upon her mother. Slow twitches from her mom’s corpse seemed to be all the news she needed to know she was beyond help. His head suddenly shot up at the sight of what was once his daughter.

“Oh shit” was all that could come out of her mouth

She ran but her father was quickly behind her. She ran into the den of her house and slammed the door behind her and locked it.

“What’s happening here?” she kept asking herself

She was snapped quickly back into reality as she heard a screeching behind the door and clawing at the wood door. She backed up and heard the TV issuing a new statement

“Please stay away from any corpse or any person who may have come into contact with one. This disease is highly contagious and one bite could turn you. If needed a gunshot to the head can kill these creatures. The government will be doing a official statement tonight”

A gunshot? This will be extremely difficult that was her mom and dad. Then devils advocate came into her head. It was her or them, they are no longer her parents. They are creatures threating her life. She went to the gun cabinet and remembered what her father had taught her. She walked towards the door and opened it quickly and when what was formally her father charged she shot one bullet right threw the center of his forehead as dropped to the ground.

“I am sorry dad.” She said between sobs

She walked up the stairs and saw the twitching body of her mother. She wiped her eyes as she saw the blood stained sheets. This is the most horrid experience of any person’s life. Killing her parents was an unthinkable act.

“They are no longer my parents.” She yelled as she looked at the sorry state of her mom

“I am so sorry mom.” She yelled

The blast in her mothers head was right on the mark and the twitching had stopped. She left the house and fell onto the grass several feet away and began to weep. How could this have happen? She may never know that answer.

Best friend.

New short brought to you buy Tiffy once again 🙂

I walked down the road of this unknown territory.
I was somewhere in the middle of the fucking desert. But, Where? No clue.
There were no maps to follow, GPS to read, or even people to give directions.
The world was barren, and like myself….quite alone.

I wasn’t always alone, Even after this…catastrophe happened i still had my best friend.
Sure, we were often Hungry, cold, and tired. We would travel for days until we found food or shelter.
We would rarely find other humans, and when we did…they weren’t they type of people you want to run in to.
We called them Snakes. At first, they approach you with a friendly smile, and greet you. Offer to trade, to where…they would always get the better of the deal. It was like…trading your only gun for a fucking pencil. But…we would politely decline, wish them a good day and be on our way. Until they surrounded us, and pointed any sort of weapon that they had at us, demanding that we now GIVE them what they wanted. Which was everything we had, except for the clothes on our back.
So, we usually traveled where we thought they wouldn’t be.
Thought, being the key word.

I came upon a small cottage and knocked on the door to see if anyone was home. Even if this was an apocalypse; my mother did teach me respect. I wasn’t about to just barge into someone’s house. I wasn’t a snake.
There was no response, so i opened the door. I Pulled a small knife out of my pocket and searched for a light source.
In the kitchen, i came upon a small oil lantern. There wasn’t much fuel in it, but i thought it might at least keep a room lit through the night. Next to the lantern was a box of those long matches. only 4 lay inside. I would take them with me, of course.

T, my best friend, and i never had much luck when it came to starting fires. We would get a small spark, or some smoke and it would fade away. Once, we did start a small fire. Just as we were about to place it upon the wood pile, a gust of wind picked up…blowing it out, and the pile of sticks far away from us. We huddled up together and slept under a pile of leaves that night. We Still froze our asses off.

I walked around the house and found a small room with a bed, and an easy chair inside. I set my backpack down on the bed, and the lantern and matches on a small table next to the bed. I walked back into the kitchen and began to open cabinets, the fridge, drawers. Anywhere where they could have stored food. I Began to lose hope. Again, i would go to sleep hungry. Though, this wasn’t anything new. I Hadn’t eaten in days. Maybe weeks? I’m not sure. I’ve lost track of time.

I remember the last time that i had food. T and I had come across a gas station in the middle of nowhere. one of those places, where even in the apocalypse looked sketchy.
But, we ventured inside anyways. The shelves were bare. the back was bare.
Just as i was about to say that we should get out of there, T screamed with Glee.
I walked over to her and she pulled out a small pack of crackers a lighter with a little fluid in it, a pack of smokes with a few cigs left inside, and one of those ramen noodles soup cups. Beef.
We decided to hold on to the food until we found a safer place to hide out. A place where we could try and make fire. With a lighter, we were hoping it would be much easier than before.
While the food was going to be Marvelous, and would probably taste like food of the gods to us….I was more excited for the cigarettes.

Before the Apocalypse i was a big chain smoker, which i believe was partially due to the addiction of the nicotine, and partially because i was stressed more than the average person. T always told me to Keep calm, and to slow down. To not take on so much. Not to work so hard. I told her that would happen when i retired. I wanted to make something of myself, and i wanted it NOW. I was willing to work 10 times as much as anyone else just to get ahead. Which caused me to stress more, lose more sleep, and of course smoke a lot.
After walking for a few miles, we came upon what looked to be a small general store. The windows were busted out, and the door was broken. But, it was better than the gas station was. We could probably find something inside to board up the windows and the door with, or find another room inside with a working door. She pulled out a small pocket knife and walked inside, i followed behind.
She opened the door of a small office and we walked inside. Papers, wood…clutter everywhere. But, it was a shelter and it would do.

We both sat down on the floor after cleaning a bit of the mess up, and smiled at each other.
While it may be the end of the world, we still had each other. That was worth the entire world to me, and i believe she felt the same. I took off my backpack, reached in and grabbed the items that we had found earlier, as well as a half filled water bottle. She grabbed the bottle, and the ramen and poured some of the water inside.

“it’ll be a bit before it soaks up. Not like taking it straight out of the microwave.” She said.

“I figured. but we-” I was soon interrupted by the loud grumbling noise of her stomach.

“Heh. Sorry.” she said, slightly embarrassed at the loud noise that came from her tiny body.

“It’s fine, love. My tummy does the same thing. you’re hungry. It’s natural.” i smiled.

“we don’t have a fork or anything to eat this with.” She frowned.

“Table manners aren’t the most important thing right now,” i laughed, “Just drink from it. Noodles and all”

She Set the ramen down on the floor, got up and began picking up some of the clutter. I knew she was a bit iffy about sharing food that way. She always was. Always would be.

“I’ll make a deal with you.” i said.

She looked over at me, but said nothing.

“I’ll trade you the entire noodle cup, if you give me those smokes” i offered.

She raised a brow and looked at me, “you’re the only one that smokes…what am u supposed-”

I cut her off, “You hate that i smoked. I’m pretty sure you prefer the apocalypse because cigarettes are so rare to come by, and therefore…i don’t smoke” I smirked.

She stuck her tongue out at me.

I continued, “So, i will trade you the cup of noodles in return for you….allowing me to smoke.”

She laughed, “allow? you can do-”

I think it was at that point that she caught on. I was always the type of person to…Spoil her, i guess you would call it. Of course i would give her the majority of the food when she was obviously quite hungry. I Didn’t care if it was a survival situation. If i could do something to help her, i would. I always would.

“But, R…” She sighed.

“you know me. You know i won’t let up on this.” i smiled at her, “I’m a defiant little shit.”

“Fine,” she said. “but, you’re eating the crackers.”

I nodded my head, agreeing with her. I reached over and grabbed the crackers. I Snagged two out of the pack, and put the rest in the bag while T was looking away. I would save them for later. We may need them.

After she was content with her “cleaning”, she sat down to her noodles and ate. I reached into the bag and grabbed out of the cigarettes, lighting it.

I continued looking through the kitchen for something to eat. Finally, i opened a cabinet, and there stood a box of cereal. I smiled, and grabbed it down from the shelf. It felt about half full. Holding the box, i went back into the room, closed the door and sat down. I reached into the bag to make room for the box, and felt something on the bottom. I grabbed it out. A lighter, and the Box of smokes.. I sighed, and set them on my lap, putting the bag back onto the bed. I opened the box to see a cigarette inside, and a napkin which had writing on it. I brought the Cigarette to my lips, and lit it. Inhaling deeply. I grabbed the napkin, and opened it. It simply read: You’re my Best friend. I Love you. Happy bir-
The ink from whatever pen she was using seemed to have ran out at that point. I Smiled. My birthday was a few days ago. I can’t believe she…No. I can believe she would remember something as simple as that. We only have simple things to celebrate now. Well….Had.

I Miss her. She was the greatest person i’ve ever known. A person i was Proud to call my best friend.
She was a person that i was more myself around than anyone else. She was someone who made my Darkest days bright. She made me feel like i was a kid again, going to disneyland for the first time and seeing the castle. She was, and is my disneyland.

I know that all sounds Highly cliche’. but, i’ve never been able to Express my feelings that way. Even my thoughts are a giant Jumble of words. If i ever wanted to Express more Complex feelings about something. i would have to Show it. I would have to Love Out Loud.

Tonight, i pray that the Snakes, or the zombies bust in here and finally take me home. I’ll be with her, and with my family once again.

“You’re my best friend. I Love you, too, T. Always.” I Whispered.

(Sept. 15th is the first official Love Out Loud day, created by Piperlyne Tomczyk.
Today, Show your love to your friends, family, animals, the earth, strangers, and so on.
“When people move, act, speak or give love their world is changed, THE world is changed” – Piperlyne )

(September, For LOL day, i decided to write this little entry for B4TD which i dedicate to my best friend. Being that i can’t hop into my nonexistent car, with my nonexistent License and travel to where she is to be with her today, i wrote this. I hope she knows how much i love, and appreciate her friendship. She has gotten me through some of the worst times in life, and has often been a part of the best times. Tay, I love you So freaking much that it cannot be put into words. I Would have to create a new word just to express it. heart

Chapter 5 News :-D

Yes everybody Chapter 5 has already begun and continue to be ready for more very exciting news from us. We plan to keep you on the edge of your seats.

My counterparts stared at me like I was completely insane. I had never really been one to go out and look for a fight. But, this “savior” asshole had really made my blood boil, and I wanted to get even.

I already had one mans blood on my hands, and as much as I hated to admit it: I don’t mind the idea of getting his on me either. I looked over to K whose eyebrow was still arched, and her mouth was slightly gaped like she didn’t know exactly what to say. P’s eyes looked to the ground and T’s eyes still had been glued onto me.

“What?” I asked, still fuming

“You want to send him to hell?” K blurted

“No, I will send him to hell. I just want to know if you all have my back.” I rebutted

T to my surprise was the first to walk up to me. His hand extended.

“I am so down for this.” he laughed a little.

I grinned and looked at P who just nodded. I then looked at K again who’s eyebrow had finally settled to its normal place on her head. She was looking at me with curiosity.

“You idiots would all die if I wasn’t here.” she finally spoke

“Yeah, you are most likely right.” I told her.

To me, it meant the union was still in place, and I began to walk the opposite way back down the hallway. They followed behind me as I peered back around the corner.

“Now, I am pretty sure he is still here somewhere.” I said aloud to them

“Well his office was in this building.” K added

I pressed my back against the walls as we walked down them. I had no idea what that was supposed to really do, but I had always seen secret agents, and military men do that in the movies. So, I figured it had to be helpful in some way or another. We are so completely out of our elements…just last week my biggest concern was how to afford my electric bill. Now I am planning to kill a man. Premeditated murder was illegal a few days ago. I wonder what the situation will call for if we survived?

I heard a few voices coming towards us. We paused like video game characters. I grabbed the nearest doorknob and quickly jiggled it, hoping it would open. For the first time in several days someone up there liked me, and the door opened. I signaled for everyone and they all rushed in, as did I. Looking around quickly at the room, i can see it used to belong to a pencil pusher. It had the desk pressed against the wall and was now torn apart. Cracked frames on the walls show what used to be a happy family. I had a half smile on my face looking and thinking of happier times. Snapping back from my thoughts, I closed the door as quietly as possible and pressed my ear up, hoping to hear a conversation.

“Almost time for the pit?” One person said

“Yeah, almost. “ someone responded.

I wanted to grab the gun from K and just shoot them both. But, I knew we couldn’t afford the noise. We needed to be careful. We are stepping on a lot of boundaries here, and to be honest I wasn’t too sure how to go about doing this to begin with. I held my breath for a few moments until I couldn’t hear the footsteps any longer.

“We have got to be more careful.” P whispered

“Glad to be a member of the family now?” T said draping his arm around P’s shoulder

“Heh, you know I am.” P laughed lightly

Both K and I joined in. It was nice to let the sense of normalcy happen. As normal as hiding in an office covered in the blood of man I murdered with my “family”, and one of them holding an semi automatic that…I will be honest; I still had no idea how to use. Yep, the new normal seemed pretty crappy. So its time to enjoy the little things. I walked over to the wall and stretched up and yanked a smoke detector off the wall. Taking out the batteries and putting them in my pocket.

I sat down on the wall and lit up a cigarette. I closed my eyes and leaned my head back.

“You guys know this isn’t a good idea, right?” I asked

“It was your idea.” K smirked sitting next to me

P and T both walked over.

“So who cares if its a good idea or not?” T added

He reached in and “borrowed” a cigarette

“We might as well fight then run away. We have been doing way too much of that.” he continued taking a deep drag.

“Besides this guy is a monster, B.” P snuck a drag of of T’s cig

“Just so you guys know…you can go. I am sure I could meet up with you.” I told them with complete honestly

“Yeaaaah, not gonna happen.” K stole my cigarette taking a drag

“We are in this together.” she added

I liked that idea more then I would care to admit. How could I have doubted that they would have my back? I stood up and extended my hand to K who took it. I put out my cigarette on the floor, and faced them.

“So whats the plan?” I asked

“Go at them like we are playing Call of Duty, and leave no one standing.” T said

“That sounds great. But, we only have one gun.” I laughed

“I am sure she is a better shot then you, wall murderer.” P smiled

Then it was decided exactly what we would have to do. Stay watching each others backs. Find some weapons fast, attack, and get the fuck out of dodge. Some plans really needed to be properly thought out. But, we had been running on empty for so long that this was the best we could come up with.

Slowly opening the door and didn’t see anything, so I signaled to everybody to follow me. Slowly, K took the lead, seeing as she was the only one of us armed. We had decided to try to see if any of the other rooms had weapons in them. As K stood watch we opened the doors one by one to see if we could get our mitts on anything helpful.

Finally we found a collection of the most ineffective weapons from what I could only call a janitor closet. Including a mop. But, this isn’t an 80’s adventure game, so I know it won’t really help. Not even if it was gold.

With K still taking watch for us I started to sift a little harder. I had never been much of a person to pay attention when I took my science classes, but I always did have a very destructive edge to me. Then I saw exactly what I wanted. I saw Clorox Bleach!

Many years ago when I was a reckless teen my friends and I had experimented with “bombs”. The basic stuff I still believe most teens do when they have way to much free time, access to a local hardware store, and a wooded area. Now we had done pipe bombs, and even tons of degrees of smoke bombs. Now one we had been afraid to try due to the warnings of death stayed in our head. It contained things we would all find under our sink. One of them being bleach.

Now I was like a man possessed! I started to look over everything with the bottle of bleach firmly in my hands. I felt a tap on my shoulder.

“B what are you doing?” It was T

“I am looking for Ammonia.” I said

T gave me a puzzled look as it seemed like his train of thought was still boarding the station. Suddenly a glint of memory popped in his head. He moved into the closet as well.

“I gotcha” he said and looked through the other shelves.

With K’s back to us, watching to insure we don’t die anytime, her voice popped up.

“Mind clueing me in?” She asked

I smiled at her even though she couldn’t see it.

“K, remember how I told you a long time ago I could make a bomb of sorts with the stuff under your sink?

“Yeah, I remember” she said

“Well this one is a doozy…and deadly.”

P had a look that let him say without words that I was insane. I am okay with him thinking that at the time. I could have just saved our weaponless selves.

“Come on, K you are smarter then we are.” T said still digging

“Found some face masks.” I told to T

“That might help if we held our breath.” He said

“Maybe.” I added

I looked up for a moment from the ground, and P looked pretty worried as he looked over to K. She turned her head and looked as two of her boys slowly and as quietly as possible rummaged through cleaning equipment.

“Seriously guys.” she said

“Well, we are going to be mixing two chemicals together. The gas they give off can kill pretty fucking quick.” I said

“Depending on how much you use.” T added

“And we will use it all.” I said smiling

K’s eyes kept darting between the two of us. I guess the idea of mass murder could be an ideal that takes a while to get used to. To think I used to be the most heavily moraled.

K handed the gun off to P and took steps towards us and rested her hands on each of our shoulders. We both slowly met her eyes.

“Do you two have any idea what you are doing?” she asked calmly.

I look over to T and he looked back at me. We had shared similar adventures in our previous life without knowing each other (we grew up on opposite sides of the country), and it was a common bond between the two of us. We had “the spark” that could easily be turned on that neither of us could properly control until we got older.

K continued to look at us waiting for us to give her some confirmation that our idea stood a chance of working. All I could do was look back at her and smile.

“Well, we know what to do if that helps.” I told her

“Explain now” she wanted her answers

“Well, I never did it before. I know T hasn’t either.” I told her

“Well then why try it now!?” P asked from outside

“Because we have no other ideas.” I tried to sound calm

I really did. I didn’t want them to know I had no idea how much to add. I was just going by idea of the method. Every time I wanted to try this way back in the day, the same imaginary conclusion happened. Me dying, and personally I was not and I am still not a fan of that idea.

“Besides if we gotta die, lets take those fucks with us.” T said with his trademark grin

“Agreed.” I said

K’s arms still placed firmly on our shoulders. T’s other hand rose and pointed high on the top shelf. I turned my head and saw he saw a green bottle labeled “Ammonia”. I turned, and while I had to go on my tippy toes to reach, I was able to get it. It was a big bottle that matched that of our bleach.

“This is going to cause some serious damage.” I said almost giddy

“Man, we are going to need to run fucking fast.” T added

“Guys…” P said almost in whisper

“What?” K asked

He backed back into the closet and closed the door. It was a cramped fit. Slowly, I turned out the light.

“I think they noticed we’re gone.” He added

We heard what sounded like a stampede running down the hallways. We all held our breath. Hoping this was another issue. Anything. Just don’t notice we are gone yet please.

“Prisoners have escaped, missing, assumed to still be on premises!” we heard a voice

“1 guard killed in duty.” another sharp voice yelled

“WHAT!? Find them, And then bring them to me!” We heard his voice

The Savior found out we had gone missing and he was looking for us as well. This would become even more interesting.

Chapter 4 Complete!

Yep I know a long time waiting but finally the last part of Chapter 4 is up! How exciting is that? So now we have Chapter 5 to look forward to! Keep reading keep commenting and follow us on Twitter! We will keep putting up more info as it becomes available and thanks to everyone for the continued support.

Who knew that trespassing would carry such a high degree of sentence. I think we all looked at him like he was completely insane (a title I am sure we all felt would be completely true.) He had this smirk on his face I wanted to reach over and smack off. He brought his hands across his chest and had a smile that one would think he actually had won World War 2 all by himself.

“Savior? don’t you think that is a little drastic?” I asked

“Why would you think that you can trespass on ones chosen land during the apocalypse and not be punished, heathen?” He spouted

“Chosen land?” I said dryly

“Yes little lady! This is HIS chosen land! We have survived he spoke to me! We fought! we won!” his face was getting red as he spoke with passion.

“You won?” I said

“Yes, son. we won! Notice no walking dead? NOTHING! I brought firepower to this town and I am keeping it alive in his name! You come here uninvited with your plague and think I will let that happen? Not a chance!” he spouted with venom.

He slowly reached into a drawer in his desk and pulled out a walkie talkie. He smiled again at us.

“I am sorry to do this kid, I really am. But how else will you learn? Maybe in the next life you will be wiser.”

He moved right behind us seeming to forget we had even been there. He was quite for a few moments then began to speak into his walkie talkie.

“Yes, the prisoners have been convicted come collect them when…” his sentence had gotten cut off.

We had all been standing there like complete statues as he spoke, when I saw K flinch. I figured it could have been due to complete aggravation but I didn’t expect what I saw from her next. She turned to him when his back was turned to us. Smiling a smile that almost glowed she sprang and she pounced on his back knocking him to the ground.

He had begun to try and fight back by the time I had gotten to her side. He had his meatloaf of a fist ready to direct at K when he got a kick to the side of the head. I figured this sort of a situation would be no different then a mosh pit.

As I tried to give in a living mans cranium with my boot, I stopped. P and T had approached and pulled K off of the man. He seemed to be out cold.

“Is he dead?” T asked

P reached down to check on his breathing, but hesitated when he checked for a heartbeat. Slowly lowering his head down.

“I am sure he is okay.” He said blankly

I looked down at the man I had bludgeoned with a bit of sadness. It seems like the end of the world is a lot more complicated then it would seem. Survival of the fittest is easier to think about when you aren’t the one attacking.

The Savior just laid there motionless for a few moments. We needed to collect ourselves, discuss our next step. Anything. We heard the door open. I turned to look as the doorknob slowly moved. Whoever was on the other side knew something was happening.

The doorknob stopped moving and we all held our breath. Must stay calm, don’t move a damn muscle. I looked over to K who was looking back at me and smiled. I guess she knew something I didn’t, I looked at T who’s eyes were completely focused on the door knob, then I looked at P, who’s eyes seemed stuck on the laying figure of the Savior.

I could hear whispering. I closed my eyes, and I knew we where in so much more trouble. I remembered those men from earlier and knew that would be them on the other side of the door.

I looked over to my friends and all eyes were glued to the door. I let out a small snicker. Their eyes turned to me.

“Lets go down swinging?” I asked

“Always.” K added

P stood up and smacked T on the back.

“I always got your back B.” T smiled

“Might as well die with you fools.” P laughed

The door went crashing to the ground and I saw the men crash into the room. Once again all the men looked like they had had their daily dose of Roid-O’s breakfast cereal.

The men stopped short when they saw their fearless leader on the ground. A groan muttered from him as he remained on the ground. Their semi automatic weapons remained pointed at us.

I wanted to charge but who doesn’t had the fear of dying? I know personally I don’t, but I don’t want K to get hurt, I don’t want any of them to get hurt. I sighed internally.

“So.” I said out-loud.

All the devices pointed at me.

“I think we need to renegotiate our sentence.”

Please keep looking at me. Please keep looking at me. Please keep looking at me. Maybe if we keep talking we can find a way to get out of this. I may think I am tough, but I doubt I could punch bullets.

They all looked at me stunned. I don’t think they expected anything, and for us just to stand there and die.

“No you die…in the fires.” a beaten down Savior spouted with pure hatred.

He slowly got off the ground and looked like he was staring at the devils incarnate.

“You people have been sent by the devil himself.”

He walked right to me and glared.

“I cannot wait to watch the devil burn.” that smile came back across his face

The men came up behind us and pressed their guns to our back, and began to escort us to our “cells”. We had been through too much. It would be dangerous to keep us together. It made me nervous to know we would be separated until we had our execution.

The “cells” had just been 1 room offices. No windows, one door, and no furniture except for one chair to sit in. As we got locked in one by one a guard was placed outside of our doors. Down the hallway I saw the Savior just standing there smirking at us.

“See you when you meet your maker.” He said proudly

I had no real response to this. What could I really say to this man? So I went with the typical defiant nature I have always had.

“I will take you with me.”

As I finished those words I was pushed into my “cell”, landing face first on a very uncomfortable carpet. The door slammed shut behind me. I slowly got up and started to look around and kicked the door.

“Stupid fuckers.” I said out loud to no one in particular.

I looked up at the ceiling and noticed it had some lose panels. A smile started to spread across my face. Maybe this wouldn’t be to difficult after all. I walked to the wall and knocked lightly and heard a faint knock back. Good. We were still okay. I hoped they didn’t notice what I was about to do.

When I was a very rebellious teen I had been prone to trying things I had seen on TV and Movies. One such movie was the masterpiece the Breakfast Club. I was always the rebel of my group. I put the chair up against the wall and climbed on it.

Now the ceiling wan’t really that tall or anything, but it was still a stretch. Stretching my arms as high as I could above me I still couldn’t reach.

“Fuck.” I said louder then I wanted to.

I started to look at the chair and noticed the back end was wood. I laid the chair on the ground I stepped on the back of the chair and grabbed the legs. I started to pull as hard as I could, hoping I could snap it off to get some leverage.

I stood there pulling for what felt like a millennia. I started to lean back when my hands began to feel like they where on fire. Wood grinding into my flesh. If I looked down I would have seen blood slowly start to drip on the carpet. Finally I heard the cracking sound I had been so desperate to hear. I felt it start to give and I leaned even further back. I heard it crack even more. That is where everything got a little worse.

I had underestimated how long it would take it break, and I know that now. But by the time I noticed it had become completely dislodged I was falling pretty quickly towards the wall. And yes it really did hurt.

Groggily I found myself laying against the wall and my head pounding. I must have hit the wall pretty damn hard. I hoped no one outside heard it. I knew it was a possibility so I stood up with my new “weapon” in my hand ready to bash someones skull if I needed to. It even had a nice point where it had broken. Like it was made to kill a linebacker of a vampire.

I tried to steady my breathing, knowing as a smoker I could be heard from a mile away when I am out of breath. I heard keys fumbling on the outside and a voice yelling

“What the hell in going on!”

I went to the side of the doorway knowing that I would have to attack a living person. A living person is now my enemy. Those words rang over and over in my head. It felt like time could have stopped with that realization. Maybe the dead had the right idea after all.

The door sprang open, I saw the semi automatic come peering through the doorway. I saw the hands holding it shake slightly as I whacked them as hard as I could with the remains of the chair. The gun fell to the ground and I saw his eyes. Eyes quickly filling with fear. I held on tight with my chair piece and stabbed, closing my eyes for a moment.

When I reopened them I saw the mans eyes wide open and blood leaking from his mouth. I saw where I had stabbed, and unlucky for him I got him right in the throat. He dropped to his knees and started to convulse and the crimson liquid poured from the wound and his mouth. When I heard a gurgle I almost wanted to puke, but instead i grabbed the keys he dropped on the floor, and his gun. I wanted to say I was sorry, I wanted to hold his hand and tell him he will be okay but instead I watched him fall the rest of the way to ground. What was happening to me?

I poked my head out of the doorway and didn’t see any other guards. I creeped out as gracefully and quietly as I could closing the door behind me. I walked to the next door and like the guard, I fumbled with the keys trying to unlock it. I found the right key finally, and knocked before I entered just so the person on the other side knew it was friendly.

I opened the door slowly and when it was cracked I said in a whisper,

“Its me.”

When i opened the door the rest of the way I saw K. Her eyes looked suspicious as first, then grateful as they fell on me. I smiled and closed the door behind me quickly and hugged her.

“How did you get out?” she asked right away

I looked down at my shirt, and saw my guard friends blood, and gave her a half smile. She looked down and her eyes got wide.

“What did you do B?” she said quietly

“I got out.” was all I could think to say

She looked at me for a moment and smiled. She took the gun from my hand

“I am a better shot then you. Lets go get T, and P.” she walked towards the door

I think I must have been in some sort of shock, but it hadn’t fully kicked in yet. i opened the door slightly and poked my head out again, and saw we had still been in the clear. Going to the neighboring doors with K watching my back we got back our two companions.

We had agreed to avoid our original entrance, knowing how well that part was guarded. We slowly walked down the hallway, and when we had reached my doorway, I whispered.

“Want to see how I got out?”

K nodded and I opened the door. They all peered in and quickly snapped their heads back out. Closing the door I looked at them all in the eyes, and I only saw the shock staring back at me. I almost felt like a monster.

We turned the corner and I had to say this felt more and more like a level I would have played in a game. My eyes kept darting back behind me. Each time I did I saw T’s eyes glued back to me. His eyes held something besides shock, but I really couldn’t place it.

We finally reached a door with an illuminated Exit sign. We had all stopped. I stared at it for a few minutes before standing in front of it.

“Do we want to retreat?” I asked

“What do you mean?” K asked

“I think I know what he means.” T said

“This fucker kidnapped us, and threatened to turn me into a god damn barbecue.” I said with anger I hadn’t even noticed was brewing

“You want to go after him?” K said arching one eyebrow

“I want to send him to hell myself.” I stated matter of frankly.

I was turning into a monster. And I didn’t care.

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