We had been found out. Which really meant we had to get a move on, and get this done. I looked at my group, and we stood still as could be. Just knowing the smallest sniffle could alert them, and we would be doomed. Still standing there we heard footsteps come closer, and closer to our closet. Then past and to the room next door. I could hear the Savior ranting down the opposite hallway. I had to breathe a sigh of relief knowing I won’t have to be face to face with him. I guess the idea of fear was reemerging inside of me, I mean as mad as I was, and as much hatred as I had for the man…he was also the holder of a small army. While he was a crazy guy, could I really beat that? Would I want to try? Or would I be better off just escaping and just taking to the hills? I guess we would all be finding that out sooner or later to be honest. Closing my eyes for a moment I said in a whisper

“just give me a minute.”

When I reopened them, I saw P still holding the semi automatic whatever gun, T kneeling down holding the the bleach, while I still had my hand firmly holding the ammonia. Regardless of what was happening this was our only real shot. P looked really nervous, and K seemed as impassive as ever.

“Before we do this. One more backup plan.” I said reaching into my pocket.

I pulled out my lighter. I guess they hadn’t remembered to take it.

“What do you need now?” K said almost seeming annoyed

“He will be put in his own personal pit.” I said smiling

3 sets of eyes seemed to be glued to me after I said it. I knew this was going well beyond what I had originally thought, but I could justify the idea with my original statement of sending him to hell. Most images of hell do involve some sort of fire pit, so I am sure these ideas matched up just fine.

“Roasted.” T said

“Toasted,” K added

“And burnt to a crisp.” I ended it with

“Guys…You watched way to many cartoons as a kid.” P retorted

“We lived ’em.” T responded

I took one more quick glance at the shelves. I had no reason to believe it, but we still lived in the era of smokers. Maybe some lighter fluid would be around here. To my luck (still having some luck during the era of zombies eating our flesh is better then none) I saw the yellow bottle. I quickly shoved it in my pocket.

“I got what I need.” I told them

T nodded and K just had her small smile. P still was looking nervous. I looked at him and tried to smile.”P, I know this isn’t ideal, and I am pretty damn sure this is different than the army. But, we are kinda in guerrilla warfare situation.” I said to him shrugging

” I know. This is just different.” he said while almost clutching the gun.

“We will go down together, though.” T said smacking him on the back

“Or die trying.” K said finally letting a real smile cross her face

“So get ready, P. You will be the one watching our back.”He nodded, and I looked at K

“You stay with P, while T and I get ready. Then we’ll run towards the office. I will peak my head out, and hopefully most of the guards are by the guy I killed.”
”Yeah, I doubt they think we got far.” She responded

I took a deep breath and faced the door turning my head I look at my team. I put on one of the little face masks.

“Everybody put one on, okay?”

T put his on right away and grabbed the mop bucket and inched closer to me

“You ready, B?”


I turned the knob on the door, opening it slowly, and looked out. we were clear. I slowly crept out the door, and then waved for T. We snuck towards our original hallway and placed the bucket in the middle of of the floor, grinning slightly at him (even though he couldn’t see it)

“Ready to be a terrorist?” laughing slightly as I said it”Oh, you know it.” he laughed opening the bleach

I opened the Ammonia and we counted down




We began the pour the 2 liquids in, and I tried to hold my breath; knowing how dangerous this really was to try and do. Please let this go well, and please let me know what I am doing.

I turned my head briefly and saw both K and P. K was watching us, and P had his back to us, watching the hallway and making sure we wouldn’t get ambushed.

My eyes began to tear up and as my bottle finished. Dropping it, I looked over to T who finished as well.

“Good. Lets get the fuck out of here.” I said trying not to cough
We caught up to K and P.

“Well if that is as bad as it looks we gotta go fast.” P said

“Not before getting our shit back.” T added

“Get behind me then.” He said getting ready

We got behind P, letting him take the lead. It honestly felt like we had entered the world of Doom. Long hallways, getting ready to face a demon. It would be very interesting.

Looking quickly behind us, I could see a haze slowly filling up our previous hallway. I am sure this would take the former guards, and future corpses by surprise. I just hope we didn’t breathe any of it in.

I was jolted back to reality when I heard P fire. Looking quickly I saw one of the roid-raged out freaks drop quickly. It wasn’t as loud, and he seemed to be dead before hitting the ground. Lucky for him.

K went up to him and took his firearm away. She checked to see if it was loaded and smiled.

“Got what you need?” P asked

“Oh yeah.” smiling as she said it

“I get dibs on the next one.” T itched for a chance

“Fine by me.” I said

We continued down, and turned. Soon we approached the office of the Savior. We were so close. Outside stood two muscle bound dumpsters just waiting for a chance. I was wondering what we should do when P signaled for T.”You are the fastest.” He said matter of frankly

“Yeah?” He said back

“Run past them and when they turn, we shoot. B, you run to the office after.” He added

“Sounds good to me.”

Our plan had began to form. This seemed like a very workable plan. Then, once we get our stuff back we can get the hell out of Telluride, and work on getting back on the right path.
I saw T begin to run. He tried to be as quiet as he could, but when the guards heads turned; he did the one thing that was pure T. He flipped them off as they turned to chase him. 2 shots were fired, and they slumped with little to no effort on their end. Those two were great shots. T snagged one of the guns off the guards by the time I got to the door. I took a deep breath, knowing how much running we had been doing. Plus, my smoking habit had not been helping me. I reached for the doorknob and turned. Behind the desk, almost seeming shocked was the Savior with a shit eating grin on his face.

“I see you escaped.” He went reaching for something
As he reached K showed up by my side with her gun aimed at him.

“Don’t even try it.” she ordered

His movements stopped quick. I walked over to him as K, P and T all entered after. I pushed his chair out of our way, and they all had their guns focused on him, and him alone. I saw what he was reaching for. It was another semi automatic, which I grabbed and focused on him as well.

“Where is our stuff?” I asked

He pointed at the corner of the room, where our backpacks were piled up and left alone.

“Everything there?” K asked

He nodded. It seemed for a man so sure he was the savior seemed very nervous. I went to his desk and opened the drawers. Seeing some nails and a hammer, I walked over to him. He eyed them as I approached.

“Son, what do you think you are doing?” he had a slight quiver to his voice”As a Savior to humanity I would think you’d know.”

I held a nail to his hand.I saw some sweat start to form on his head.

”The greatest saviors seem to be willing to die. Are you willing?” I asked, not knowing where these words seemed to come from

He didn’t want to answer. His eyes focused on the nail. I grinned at him

“You seemed so willing to let others die, though. So that doesn’t seem like a thing a savior would do to his people.” I walked behind him
”The needs of the many outnumber the few.” he retorted

“How many died for your pits? How many victims of nothing but your insanity?” P asked

“We haven’t kept records but a good 35 percent of this town has been saved BY ME!” He yelled

“How many died because of you!? Its only been a few days!” K screamed back at him.

I hushed them all while grabbing his shoulders. He seemed afraid to move.

“Well, Savior you have been found guilty, and time to meet your maker.” I blurted

P and T both grabbed his arms, holding him down while I pulled out the lighter fluid.

“This seems to be how your victims felt, right?” I asked

“The pit is a ceremony to preserve the good!” He yelled
I opened it, and started to pour it on him.

“You know, this will only make me a legend. People will sing songs about their great savior, and how we fell victim to the demons and their whore!” he continued to rant

I pulled out my lighter and was read to flick it. My hand began to shake.

“Afraid to do the job? Just like the typical yellow bellied scum!” he laughed and jerked

My eyes had become glued to the lighter, knowing exactly what I wanted to do. Send the man to hell, and hope the flames send him to his path.
I looked over to K. She went to her bag, and pulled out her handgun from before and checked to make sure it was loaded.

“The demon whore should know. You will all meet your maker, and he will let you all see my path was right, and I will be left forever in his arms!” He looked up towards the heavens

K began to walk towards him, handgun in her hand. The Saviors eyes soon met hers.

“Tell the devil his whore says Hi.” she said

His eyes widened and she fired. He slumped to the ground quickly. T, P and I’s mouth all dropped.

“Wow.” was all I could stutter out.

K turned her back towards his body and looked at me.

“I knew you were to good to kill him.” she smiled at me I had to smile back.

“I guess so.” i responded

“Lets get our shit, and get out of here” P interrupted

We ran towards the corner to grab our bags, and quickly looked through them. Our ammo was still there, the cigarettes, the handguns, our food, our shotguns had gone MIA, though. But, what we stole from the guards seemed to balance it out. I checked out his desk quickly to see if he had any ammo for them. We found some and took it for our own. Taking one last look at the “Savior”, as I saw his blood painting the wall. We slowly opened up his office door, so we could make our way to the front. Looking around, I could tell our gas had done the trick. No need to worry about the rest of the guards for now.
I couldn’t help but think just a few days ago I was at home watching a George Romero movie laughing. Now, I was worried about the dead and the living. I wonder what else was going to stand in our way.