Now we had been running for a while; and running in the dark is never a good idea. I felt like we had to be in some terrible low budget movie (I mean, come on! the lighting was just awful). I at one point grabbed K’s hand and was dragging her behind me.

Slowly, the moans faded and then nothing. We all came screeching to a halt. My hands went to my knees, and I was gasping for breath. My eyes closed, while I was gasping.

“That…was…too…close” I said, breathing heavily.

“That was way too close. The woods seem to be a terrible idea.” P added

I looked up at my company. T kept looking over his shoulder like he was preparing to high tail it out of there. K was staring at me, as was P.

“What……suggest?” I asked P, still trying to slow my breath.

“We go back to the street. We may be able to find a car, a ride, other people. Anything…”

“What about the infected!?” I shot back up.

K and T both looked at me shocked.

“The more people around, the better chance we have to die.” I added

“I’d Rather die that way then like a blonde chick being stalked by Jason Vorhees.” P retorted

I just looked at him for a moment then laughed. I knew we were in a different predicament then anyone would have believed. Real to life (or death) boogie people.

“Lets rest ’til morning, then make our way towards the streets. We could end up somewhere good. I hear New Mexico is nice. “ I said jokingly.

K looked at her phone and I saw her eyes moisten.

“My mom says she has been evacuated.” she almost whispered

“Thats good right?” T asked

“We should have waited, and been evacuated, too.” she added

“No guarantees we would have been alive that long, K” I told her

“Did you get any messages, B?” she asked trying to change the subject.

I went to feel for my phone in my pockets and it wasn’t there. I laughed a little I had always been so bad with misplacing objects. My phone, wallet, cigarettes, shoes, lighter, microphone, remotes, controllers; They’re all objects I have regularly misplaced and accused elves, gremlins, goblins and the entire country of Germany of taking. I guess now I could say the zombies took it, too.

“Guess I lost it. Oh well, if they evacuated Case Grande, I am sure my parents got away too.” I hoped.

I pushed that thought to the back of my head. I didn’t want to think of my parents, or my brother being eaten, destroyed, or whatever else. We hadn’t been very close for the last couple years between my work schedule, them traveling ,working, and just my lifestyle being a bit eccentric.

“K, let me use your phone.” I reached out my hand

She slowly placed her phone in my hand and I quickly rattled off a text to my brother.

“D, phone lost. you okay? When you get this reply ASAP!” that was all I could think to write. I sent the same to my parents.

I stared at her phone for a few minutes when I saw a new text appear.

“We are all fine, B. Parents evacuated, on my way to Jersey. Jersey Safe.” my brother had replied.

I held up the phone for others to see. T laughed, and pointed

“Jersey boys always fleeing back.”

“Fuck you.” I laughed

“Are you suggesting we go to Jersey now?” P looked at me like I had grown a second head

“I am not suggesting it at all.” I grinned

K sighed and looked at me. She was staring at me, and it almost brought brought a shiver down my entire spine.

“ Are you really saying we go to the place they brought us the Jersey Shore?” she sighed

“It also brought us Bon Jovi.” I said trying to smooth everything over

They all looked like I was speaking nonsense.

“ My brother says its safe there. He wouldn’t lie about this now…” I pulled out the radio

“If we keep this low enough, we can listen to see”

Everybody nodded, which was an encouragement for me to just do it. I really didn’t feel like cranking it so I inserted the batteries I had taken. I fumbled for a second to turn it on. We heard a lot static so I turned it to AM radio. I figured due to the fact their signals always seem to go further we might end up with news faster.

We all stared at the machine hoping for news fast. I kept changing the channels hoping for news, and maybe a plan. Then we heard voices.

“This is emergency signal Z. If you are hearing this, congratulations for still being alive! The entire country has been swarmed with a virus as you all are aware of now. The government has not released any official statements at this time. Safe areas are attempting to be established. If you are no longer in your home, sit tight, and more news will be released as we are given it. “

I sighed as the voice signed off. At least we know something. It wasn’t much but we had a voice, which was nice. I turned off the radio and looked at my friends.

“We are going to Jersey.” K said

I grinned at her. I looked over to T, who just nodded.

“It will be nice to see the place that brought us you.” T grinned

“We have to find a way there. I doubt we can walk there.” P added

I sat down on the ground and lit up a cigarette. Smiling at them as I took a long drag.

“We will figure it out in the morning. When we can see well enough to get to the street. I will take watch. You guys rest.”

K plopped down next to me and took out a cigarette.

“You smoke to much.” she said

“No, we have been running to much.” I responded.

I looked over to T, and P who had seemed to already fall asleep. They are lucky. I don’t think I could have fallen asleep if I even had tried. It seemed like a terrible idea, but ,I think I would have seen the person I had killed earlier in my head.

K rested her head on my shoulder, while taking a drag of her menthol cigarette. I smiled at her and she gave me a little smirk.

“You are an idiot.” she said

“I know.” I said

She slowly stood up and went and laid down only a couple feet away. I handed her back my jacket.

“You look cold.”

“Thanks, B.” she said and closed her eyes.

I looked over at her, and then and P and T. The idea to actually travel across an entire country seemed like such a terrible idea. We would have to get there fast, too. I guess if we were in the movies it would be a simple cut scene and I would be down at the shore, eating cheese fries and drinking.

I rested my head against the tree and looked at the sky. I could hardly see the stars now. I wondered what the hell was really going on. I had to wonder, are they real zombies? Are the dead coming back to life? Or is this some wicked virus from 28 Days Later? I really didn’t know and part of me just didn’t want to know. I grabbed my bat just to be on the safe side. Who knew what would happen in the morning. UFO’s could show up and then the zombies would end up eating some Vulcans. Man that sounds like a terrible movie I would have rented. “Vulcan Eaters”…yep I would have rented that. I saw T start to wake up, and he waved at me and sat down next to me.

“Why are you up?” I asked him

“I could say the same thing to you.” He grabbed one of my cigarettes and smiled lightening it.

We sat next to each other for a while, not really saying anything. I was okay with the silence. It was better then moaning.

“You sure we can trust him, B?” he asked out of nowhere

“I honestly don’t see why not. He hasn’t killed us yet.” I laughed

“I guess.” He said

“Go back to bed. I have watch till the morning.” I told him

“You sure, B? you look tired.” he put out him cigarette

“Yeah I am sure, man.”

T went back and fell back asleep fast. I stayed up like I told him I would and when the sun began to rise I shook K awake.

“Mm. what?” she said

“The sun is up.” I stated

“Help me up.” she raised her hands

I slowly pulled her up and grabbed my jacket. We woke up P and T, and all packed up our things and began to head east. I have no idea why, but I let P take over from here. I kinda walked more in the back at this point. T was right. I should have gone to sleep when I had the chance.

“You okay back there, B?” He asked stopping

“Yeah, just still waking up.” I lied

“Hmm well, we don’t have much longer till we reach the street.” P said

I think he knew I was up all night watching out.
He was right. After only 30 minutes we arrived at the street. I guess P really did know this area pretty well. What I didn’t expect is what we saw at all.

Unlike earlier when we had been on a street with it being abandoned. This road was covered with cars speeding like crazy down it. People were also running down the sides. I was just happy to see other survivors, when K said

“We need to be VERY careful. We don’t know any of them!”

We all nodded and began to try to keep to ourselves walking down the street. I kept looking around and saw people speeding right past us. I was almost a shell shock over the last few days,.

“I have an idea.” T said, and he speed off ahead of us to a group of people outside of a pickup truck.

We all just stared and slowly walked up to him. We heard the end of the conversation.

“….So none of us have been bitten. But, we have cigarettes. Give us a ride as far as you are going and we’ll give you 1 pack each.” he said

K’s eyes bugged out of her head. Even before the end she had never really been much of a people person. She hated people more then I think anyone would believe. P just laughed a little when he saw this reaction.

“We will even sit in the back.” he finished, while looking over to me.

I pulled out 2 packs of smokes, and the driver and his passenger just nodded. I handed them the packs, and we all climbed into the pack of the truck. K seemed to be fuming. But ,I had to admit…using cigarettes as a form of currency would work for a bit. Money really didn’t mean anything, but. cigarettes are a comfort.

Slowly the engine turned back over, and we sat in the back hatch. K kept looking over at the other cars, or the people running that we soon zoomed past. At least it wasn’t a ton of traffic. (does that even exist?)

I felt my eyes slowly getting heavy, and I think everybody else noticed. I looked over to K with a small smile.

“I think I am gonna pass out, guys.” I said

I yawned. It felt so amazing to actually yawn. It meant I felt safe enough to sleep. It was like the sandman was above me and actually pouring the entire bag into my eyes. P look at me and smiled the first full smile at me.

“No worries, B. Go to sleep. We will wake you up when we end up wherever we go.”

I smiled and rested my head against K.

“Go to sleep, B.” she whispered

My heavy eyes finally closed and I was happy. I never fallen asleep that fast. It was the first dream I remember so vividly. I was running in the dark. I couldn’t see anything around me at all. I could feel the sweat pouring down my face and soaking into my shirt and even my jacket.

I turned to see what was exactly chasing me. Part of me knew what the answer was. It wasn’t a horde. It was a thousand times worse. Behind me was a this enormous rotting
decedent. It was the size of Godzilla, and it was chasing and trying to reach me.

I couldn’t help but scream, and high tailed it away as fast as I could. But for each mile I seemed to run it took this creature one step. I almost hoped it would catch me and put me out the misery my corpse would soon feel.
I finally stopped running, no longer feeling the fear and went to face the boogie man of my Nightmare. I turned to face it and it was gone. Instead stood a mirror. I decided to walk towards it after a few moments of complete confusion. The mirror was blank.

I reached out to touch it. When I did, it rippled. I began to see myself but then my skin paled, and I was missing an eye. I was completely horrified when I figured out I was seeing. My reflection reached out to me and I heard the moan. I was turning. I screamed.

The car stopping short must have helped wake me up. I was sweating and everyone was looking at me with a look of concern on their face. I must have been screaming out loud as well.

“Is he okay? You said no one got bit! ” The driver yelled out the window

“He is fine, he just had a nightmare!” P protested

“Fine, we are close to our destination.” he responded

Everybody kept looking at me. I cleared my throat.

“Don’t worry, guys. It was just a nightmare.” I told them

“Must have been pretty bad to have you scream like that.” T said

“Yeah, it was bad.” I said

“What happened?” P asked very curiously

“The Devils lost to the Coyotes in the finals of the Stanley Cup.” I laugh

T and K both laughed, and P looked thoroughly confused. I smiled at them and cracked my neck.

“Don’t even worry about it, guys. It was just a dream, and I am just fine. “

Everybody nodded at me, and it seemed like they went back into a conversation I never was involved in.

“So where are we going anyway?” T asked

“No idea, but, it looks like a nowhere town. I am guessing a lot of the suburbs didn’t get infected yet. I can see why, due to the lack of population. They could be safe to travel. “ P told us

“Then we can just go in and out without many issues?” K asked

P nodded. I had to cut in.

“So we are heading?”

“We are going to Jersey, B. But we have a few side trips we need to take as well. First thing we need is supplies. And then we need some wheels.” T told me.