We kept tromping throughout the woods trying to be as quite as possible. It wasn’t really working out well for us but we hadn’t heard any real moaning since we first escaped from Flagstaff.

I thought several times that maybe we should of headed back and T and I could have tried to ninja our way though the city to get our hands on a car or something but I knew K would never ever go for that idea. It would be way to dangerous. Needless to say this is not my idea of a good time.

It was starting to get dark and I signaled for everybody to stop.

“I think we need to stop now.” I said

“Why dude? I can still go.” T said

“Yeah, why B?” K asked curiously

“Its getting dark, and if we can’t see them we will have to rely on our sight. its not a great idea,” I responded

Everybody seemed to go silent thinking over what I had just said. I was waiting for someone to break the silence to let me know- hey you may be right. I know I am not a leader but it seems to keep falling on me to make these decisions. I heaved a sigh

“You may be right, B. But, I think we may want to find a clearing I think I see one ahead.” P told us

We began to move a bit forward with our weapons in hand, ready just in case we had to fight again. I was getting really tired. This had only been going on for a few days but I knew that with the current amount of stress and danger, that we were in for a very long ride. A long ride that would not end well, for anyone, really.

We reached the clearing and thankfully nothing seemed to be approaching. We set to make “camp”. Without any real supplies it was everyone just laying on the ground. I am pretty sure that means in the future we might need to think about securing some additional supplies.

T settled down pretty quickly. He took off his hoodie he had been wearing since the first day. He was still a pretty skinny guy, but always a pile of energy. He rolled up the hoodie and used it as a pillow, Laying down he closed his eyes.

K on the other hand seemed to not be resting so easily. She sat on the ground and seemed to be looking around. No pillow, I noticed, nothing to use as one anyways. I walked over to her and took off my jean jacket, and unzipped my hoodie, handing it to her.

“Thanks.” she said smiling

“No prob.” smiling back at her.

She proceeded to lay her head down on the hoodie and seemed to fall right to sleep. She looked like she really needed it. This day had been pretty damn stressful for everyone involved, and I wasn’t really looking forward to tomorrow.

P sat down by a tree and reached into his pocket to light up a cigarette. I proceeded to mirror him and light up one of my own.

“Sup?” was all my wittiness could muster right now.

“Not much, B. Today was not what I expected. Hell, this has been one bad leave you know what I mean?” he added

“Not really.” I had to be honest

“I was planing to sit back, have some beers, go to a few strip clubs, not be hunted down by a bunch of zombies.” he replied

“Yeah I kind of figured that wasn’t in any of our plans. man.” I took another drag.

“Heh, guess you are right about that. Listen thanks for letting me come along. I know what you said earlier..well I know you meant it but I promise I have no ambition to betray you guys.” he blurted out

“I know I just had to let you know thats what I mean to do.”

He nodded we spend the next hour in silence and seemed to be chain smoking. I kept thinking to myself please don’t let anything happen. Kept “patrolling” which meant just walking back and forth, back and forth, back and forth, hoping I don’t hear any moans.

It was getting colder I was happy I had my jacket still. I looked over at T and K to make sure I didn’t see either of them shivering. Luckily I didn’t have any idea what I could do to counter that .

P looked over at me and snickered. I saw him light another cigarette and start to laugh a little. I walked over to him and smiled.

“Whats so funny?” I asked

“You guys are just weird, man.” he replied

“So? You are one of us now.”

“Yeah I guess so. So when we waking them up?” he asked

“I am not planning on it. Just gonna let them sleep.”

“Thats nice of you. Mind if I crash out for a little bit?

“Yeah man, if I need anything I will kick you.” I replied

He grinned again and slowly sat down, still leaning against the tree trunk and fell asleep.

I stood there and kept listening, and looking around. I had to admit I had no idea how creepy it would have been without someone else there to talk to. Pretty much since I met up with T on the street I hadn’t really felt by myself. While it technically hadn’t been that long of a period of time with all the elements being thrown at us. it felt a lot longer then it really had been. I am sure everything will be fine.

I light up another cigarette. Its a very bad habit and I knew that but being board and scared can make even the calmest person slowly become a chimney. And I have never claimed or been accused of being a calm person.

My eyes started to feel heavy which is never a good thing. I knew I was starting to really fade. I looked up to sky to see where the moon could be to try to guess what time it is. What has always been my luck, is the overcast that made it impossible for me.

I felt a hand grab my shoulder ,and I swear I must have jumped 20 feet in the air.

“Wow, nervous much?” a soft voice said

I turned and I saw K smiling. I guess my stomping earlier had woken her up.

“Sorry I woke you up.” I told her

“No need to worry about that. You were supposed to wake me up anyway.”

She sat down next to me and wrapped my hoodie around her shoulders.

“Its cold out tonight.” I said

“Yeah, I guess it is. “ she said, closing her eyes.

We stayed silent for a few minutes. I finished my smoke and felt her reach into my jacket pocket. she took my lighter and lit her own.

“Very strange few days. “ was all she could say.

I looked up at the sky staring into the endless darkness, wondering what could happen next. Vampires? That would be just what we need at this point; zombies and vampires. The human race is already doomed. We are running like mice from a cat. The “last stand” we had been a part of earlier fell apart before we could even take one swing. It was a pathetic effort.

“You are worrying to much stop it.” K said pulling me from my thoughts

“You always know what I am thinking.” I told her

“Comes from being around you so damn long.”

I smiled at her and closed my eyes. Then we heard a branch snap. It shook me out of my little daze. Then we heard more footsteps and branches snapping. It couldn’t have been an animal it was moving to slowly.

K shushed me before I could say anything, and went to raise T while I kicked P. They slowly rose and and shushed them. They heard what I did, and that wasn’t a good thing. I think a little bit of panic erupted in us all. This is not good. This is not good at all. K went to grab her gun.
“Don’t” I whispered

She gave me the most puzzled look, Like I had grown a third head or something.

“They can hear. If they hear a gunshot then they will all swarm!” I whispered-yelled

I guess that made sense since she stopped and I grabbed my baseball bat. I hid behind a tree with my hands clenched so tightly around the metal, I swear it would have left finger imprints. The minute I heard the footsteps get closer and closer ,I had heard all I needed to. A low moan and rattle echoed. This wasn’t going to be a friend, this was going to be an attack.

I sprang from behind the tree and swung like I thought I was Babe Ruth. I heard the sound of metal meeting bone, and a sickening thud. It would have made me feel terrible, if it wasn’t for the fact it wanted to kill me first.

The moaning kept going so I hit it again, and again ,and again, until it finally hit the ground with a thud. I think that will forever haunt me. I know I will be haunted by many firsts. I looked down and saw the creature was still “alive”, and its jaw was opening and closing, and its eyes still eternally gazing at me. It was almost hypnotic, I had the bat still in my hands, and right as its screeching hit my ears one more time I drove the bat right across its face and all movement stopped. I sighed, I had never been relieved. I turn to face my friends and saw their face. Each one seemed to be frozen in shock.


Then, more moans were heard in the distance and getting closer.

“Oh fuck.” K screamed

“Grab and run!” T yelled

We all scrambled to grab our things and headed out deeper into the woods as fast as we could.