We sat in silence. Well, almost silence. You could hear each of us taking drags off those Marlboro’s like they held the answer to the world’s oldest questions. I kept looking around, expecting to see boogies, wait…I mean zombies, all around us. I could see smoke in the distance behind us. I still have no idea why we didn’t see anyone else trying to get out of the city.

I looked towards the sky. Normally you would be hearing or seeing planes flying overhead. The noise was so obnoxious. I kept listening hoping that we could -would hear it soon. No answer came to me.

“So,” T started.

K and I both looked towards him.

“I don’t got a thing,” he said and slumped his shoulders

I smirked I knew that one was coming. I look at K and she doesn’t seem to be all there yet.

“K. What did the news say?” I ask


“Did they mention anything? For safety? You mentioned bases,” I didn’t want to sound desperate. I doubt I succeeded.

“They said some city’s have them but I really don’t think it’s wise to barely escape one city and then just run right to another one.” she sounded pretty pissed.

“Nevermind! It’s not like it matters.” I lay down in the back seat

I didn’t want to deal with well…anything. I had to steal the car without a DVD player didn’t I? I turn to my side and see T just zoning out like he always did. He finally took off his hat again. Its still so weird seeing him without hair. I looked over at K and she was sifting threw my backpack.

“Yes?” I asked

“Cigarettes.” she stated blankly

“Here.” I handed her the rest of my pack

Suddenly we hear noise. T has turned on the radio. We heard nothing but static. He kept tuning into other stations. K and I where silent and still. Staring at the ratio just hoping upon hope we would hear a voice, some message telling us what to do.

“Nothing! FUCK.” he yelled hitting the steering wheel.

I think we were all just a little heartbroken at the idea that nothing was out there.

“Try A.M.” I added

He looked back at me.

“Sure why not.”

He started to check through all the AM stations and we got nothing once again.

“Damn.” I said flatly.

“There’s never anything on, anyway,” K said, biting her lower lip and keeping her eyes on her own lap.

I think I knew in the back of my mind that nothing would be there. It was worth a shot but still. I doubted anything would materialize, still disappointing. I heard a stomach growl (mine included).

“I guess we are all hungry huh?” I asked

Both of my friends nodded at me. I reached into my bag and grabbed some of the pop tarts and threw them at my friends. T pulled the car over and we all began to feast on them like they where a Thanksgiving Day turkey. Suddenly, K looked up at me and she squinted at me fiercely.

“You left your apartment and the only food you thought to bring where pop tarts?” She tried her best to look angry at me.

At that moment I knew exactly that she would be okay. She was starting to become the K that I knew. I looked out the window and I saw the sun was beginning to set. The road ahead of us looked like it literally would go on forever. Combine that with the static on the ratio. I opened the car door slowly.

“What are you doing?” K asked

“Going outside.” I said as calm as possible


“I need to see something.”

I made my way outside and smelt the air. It was the first time since I walked outside this morning I felt the ability the breath calmly. Something I guess we as an entire species take for granted. I leaned up against the back of the car looking at the city. The smoke is still filling the skies. It’s getting darker out so it was harder to make out some of the objects in the far distance. I felt something grab my shoulder. I think I jumped 12 feet in the air.

“Jumpy much, pussy?” K had leaned on the car next to me as she cackled.

“Heh. I guess it’s natural right now.”

“Yeah I guess so” she said.

We stood there in silence and T had left the car too. We just stood there for a moment and K handed me another cigarette. T already had one hanging out of his mouth and we stood in complete silence watching as our former city seemed to fade to black like in those classic movie moments while hearing static come through the speakers.

It was almost sad to see city kind of disappear into darkness and smoke. While taking a long drag off my cigarette. This was a horrible and beautiful moment for all of us. All of a sudden we all heard something that made all 3 of us jump.

A voice, loud and filled with static came barrelling out of the car speakers.

“Hello? Is anyone out there?”