We where sprinting down the stairs as carefully as possible. We had risked it all, and it would have been a horrible time to break our necks.

T was in the lead, K in the middle, and me at the end. This would be the beginning of our formation. It’s a trend that would last for as long as we ran together.

We were making a lot of noise as we tore ass down the fire escape, but that was to be completely expected. When you really think about it, those fire escapes are made of metal. The sound of us sprinting down them had to alert things that we were on our way. Finally we were almost to the ground and I felt freedom. We were close. Only 4 blocks to the car.

We could make it, I am sure of it. Soon we will be there and be out of the city. We could camp out, and soon this problem would be over with… right? The government knew this was happening. They wouldn’t let this continue.

We made it to the ground and right as I turned around I saw a swarm. A Big one.

“Fuck.” I yelled.

T turned and I saw his eyes widen. We each grabbed one of K’s arms and ran. The alleyways weren’t the biggest but enough for us to know if we go down the wrong way we would be lucky if one of us survived.

We were breathing so hard while sprinting and taking lessons out of the 80’s slasher classics and knocking down everything and pushing empty dumpsters. It may make more noise but, Jesus, it may have helped our chances.

Finally we saw daylight ahead of us. Keep going… common legs, we need to keep going. We got this far. One of those things were right ahead of us. Please god. I dropped K’s arm and started to sprint ahead. T knew what I was going to do and just held onto K. I grabbed my bat and I swung like I thought I was Babe Ruth and smashed that thing in the head. I wasn’t hesitant anymore. I still don’t know if that was a good thing.

As it crumbled to the ground, I stopped for a split second and looked at T and K. She looked a little shocked. T was just smiling.

“Dad, home run,” he smirked

I laughed a little (how weird is to laugh at that type of comment?). I grabbed K’s arm again and we ran again. I saw the car just a few feet ahead.

Reaching in my pockets I pull out the keys. I threw T the keys. He caught them without a second though and sprinted off ahead of us and right to the driver’s side.

K and I were not far behind him. When he had the car started K was in shotgun and I was in the back seat. We had made it. Pulling down the street we saw a swarm of them materializing behind and a hundred feet in front of us.

“Well, I hope these things are made as good as they said they where.” T laughed again.

He gunned it as fast as he could (70 mph at the best). He broke a hole in the middle of the swarm and we were on our way. But to where?

We had a small benefit of where we lived. We lived in a desert state and honestly it had the lovelyness of when we got out of the city, hundreds of miles of absolute nothingness. It gave us the advantage as well as seeing them and no real hiding places. That could also be seen as a major weakness for us as well.

We stopped the car at the side of the rode. We were about 40 miles out of the city and into the wild stretch of nothing between one city and another. After moments of no one saying a thing I started laughing and I couldn’t stop. K was looking at me like I was completely insane.

“B, what’s so funny?” she shrieked at me

“K, we went to bed last night, you most likely watching some stupid ass tv show, me playing a video game, and T most likely smoking a bowl. We all woke up and now we’re all fucked!” I said between laughing.

K just stared at me. T just nodded.

“It was a blunt” he added.

He got the death stare as well. I finally could stop laughing and I reached into my bag and pulled out my cigarettes and lit one up. The drag tasted like heaven had reached my lungs completely. All that existed at the time was that beautiful cancer stick and me. And I can say I didn’t even care. I closed my eyes and rested my head.

Everyone was quite. It was the strangest thing. Since the day all three of us had become friends almost none of us had ever had a moment around each other where not one of us was saying a joke or having fun. This was not something any of us where used to.

“So where should we go?” T asked almost innocently.

“I don’t know.” I said

“The news said they are making some bases.” K stated matter of frankly

“News?” T and I both asked.

My head shot up. I had forgotten her TV was on when we had finally gotten there.

“Yeah, I was watching it while I was waiting for you.” she added.

“Well, what the hell is going on! What are those things?” I spouted out a mile a minute.

K sighed at us. She, like all of us, had a very long day. As a nurse, she was used to seeing horrors up close and personal. I heard so many stories from her about what she had seen, enough blood to cause nightmares. She was never skittish nor was she ever prone to be quite in the slightest. I had never seen her like this.

“Zombies.” was all she said


“Somehow, some way, we have fucking zombies. They think that it might have come from a terrorist attack of some kind, but nobody knows for sure. Everything just went to shit overnight and now this thing is everywhere. There is nowhere safe… nowhere at all.”

“Damn, aint that the fuckin’ shit?” T said as he pulled out a cigarette from his jacket.

I handed K over a smoke as well and lit myself up another. It didn’t seem like we needed to worry about cancer right now considering that we had a much bigger problem. Where do we go now?