It felt like we where super heroes. Jumping from rooftop to rooftop. It took longer then we thought but man all those impact landings REALLY hurt after a while. No wonder super heroes don’t live to be old. When we got to her roof we ran through the door and as quick as we could down the stairs.

That alone could of hurt us. She was on the 20th of 25 floors. The stair cases didn’t connect. The 25th floor seemed to have a few stragglers. I had my bat, T his hockey stick. We both just stood there for a second.

“You know how to use that thing?” I said

“Do you?” he retorted with.

We charged toward the few there and swung our respective weapons. The boogies fell but didn’t stop moving. We heard one coming from behind us and I swung at the head and it cracked like and egg and dropped to the ground. T looked at me as I stood there staring as it stopped moving.

“We didn’t learn this in school, huh?” he smirked like always.

We charged back down the hall way to the next stair case. I saw K’s old neighbour and she charged me and I pushed her towards the wall out of our way.

“Just go ahead, man. I’ll take care of her. Go get mom.” T said so I charged back down the stairs and up to her door. We had made it. Like officially, I pounded on the door for just a few moments. At least I did in my head. I very well could have sounded like a nutcase drunk. From the look K gave me when the door was finally open that’s the look she gave me as well. I smiled the minute I saw her, she smiled to.

“Your late.” she said.

“Fuck you.” I said laughing

I turned my head and saw T making his way up the stairs. I waved to him and he smiled and started walking over. His hockey stick was bloody. I think he dropped the neighbour. When we came barging our way up the stairs she heard and charged I pushed her off and he told me to head up here he would follow. Took him a while. Maybe too long, if this was 24 hours ago.

We both made our way into her apartment and her jaw dropped.

“T!” she grabbed him into a hug

“Hi Mom” hugging her back and smiled

We’d all be friends for years. T just always had a habit of disappearing then showing back up on our doorsteps eventually and we would always pick back up wherever we left off. He seemed to see us as his wayward parents. Leave and come back and he always had a home with either one of us.

“T” I said and nodded towards the door


He had closed the door and I walked into the kitchen and started pulling on the fridge. T came over and quickly helped as we started to drag the giant metal coffin towards the door and dropped it in front of the doorway.

“Wait! What the fuck are you doing?!” K shrieked at us, hands planted firmly on her hips

“You didn’t see what we did” I stated firmly

“Mom, its bad.”

“How bad?”

“We came from the roof.” I laughed a bit as I said that.

T laughed as well. It was a fun ride. She just glared at us.

“Well, how do you think we’ll get out?! You blocked the door!”

We pointed at the window and she looked at us.

“Well, that could work.” she laughed a little

“Got a weapon K?” I ask concerned

“Umm I should,” she went to her closet, puttering about for a bit.

“It has to be strong, headshots work wonders,” T added

I go to her closet, she is tearing it apart and I figure she has nothing, me and T could surround her till we get to the car. Then she pulled out her first of so many surprises. She pulled out a sword. Not one of those cheap novelties you can find in the mall but a real fucking samurai sword!

“I bought it years ago. Wanted to learn how, but after a few lessons, I got bored.” She shrugged and put the strap over her shoulder.

T just stared for a moment and shook his head muttering about how she has a sword as I handed her backpack on the floor. She smiled at us I could tell she was happy and surprised we both got there. And I knew she would never say thank you either but it was just understood. She was looking around her apartment.

“Ready to go, K?” I ask

“Ready as I’ll ever be,” she responded.

T had opened up the window and had a cigarette in his mouth already while sitting on the fire escape.

“Hurry up before we get eaten!” he said

“Coming” K and I both said.

We walked towards the window and I held her bag while she crawled through. I looked at her door and heard noises coming from the other end. Seems like her other neighbors may have heard us and well may have learned how to use the door now.

“T, we’re coming down, be careful!” I look at him.

“Got it, lets go!”

I crawled out the window, ready to bolt down the escape. This adventure is getting a lot bigger then I thought it would.